Learn Sublime songs through ‘The House That Bradley Built’

Learn Sublime songs through ‘The House That Bradley Built’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, chances are you know full well who Sublime is. You most likely also know that Bradley Nowell was taken from this earth too soon from a drug overdose in the mid 90s, right at the height of his fame. Bradley’s family has never recovered from the tragedy and has since dedicated their lives to bringing about a shelter from drug addiction via The Nowell Family Foundation. Recently, the foundation’s efforts have been focused on erecting ‘Bradley’s House’, a multi-bed center for musicians in need of recovery, and still needs help from generous donors in order to see it to fruition. Thus comes The House That Bradley Built: a beautiful compilation album off LAW Records featuring current reggae rock bands following in Sublime’s footsteps, paying tribute to the band in all new covers! The 24-track LP is out now, with proceeds going straight to Bradley’s House.

Do you know all the words to Sublime songs?

If there ever was a campfire band to spur a sing-along to, it would probably be either The Beatles or Sublime. Those two are pretty much well-known by all. But, do you happen to know every word of Sublime songs? As part of The House That Bradley Built‘s rollout, a lyric video was released for each song on the new compilation — meaning you’ll never have to guess again! Check out all the videos below to test your Sublime knowledge (and if you start singing along, we don’t judge you).

Long Beach Dub Allstars – “Little District”

Let’s start at the top with Sublime spin-off band, Long Beach Dub All Stars! It’s beyond fitting that LBDAS do a feature in Bradley’s honor and this laidback bossa nova spin on “Little District” is everything you need for an easygoing day.

Pepper – “Work That We Do”

Another acoustic remake coming from long-lived reggae rock legend, Pepper. This gem off Sublime’s 1994 Robbin’ The Hood jams just as much 26 years later. The original follows on the album just after “Saw Red” with a young Gwen Stefani.

Mad Caddies – “New Song”

Leave it to ska-punk outfit Mad Caddies to kick “New Song” up a notch! With the tempo turned up and horns to boot, this toe-tapping revamp is one you don’t want to skip.

The Skints – “Get Ready”

Coming from across the pond, UK’s The Skints add a novel guitar skank and backbeat to “Get Ready”. Harmonized female vocals adds an ethereal touch to the reverb, as well.

The Movement – “Get Out”

The Movement has a downtempo, almost alt rock feel to “Get Out” off Bradley Nowell’s postmortem album Second Hand Smoke. Sans voice message intro detailing “untruths” and “cat” nuances from the 1997 version, The Movement brings percussive instruments and even more deejay scratching than the original.

Ballyhoo! – “S.T.P.”

Acoustic, yet almighty, Ballyhoo! holds a candle to this quintessential Sublime anthem. The wailing of lead singer Howi Spangler sounds hauntingly like Bradley a couple times, too.

O.A.R. – “Badfish”

If you don’t know this one by now, you really have been living under a rock. Turning up the bass and the bubble organ, O.A.R. does a great job upholding the original.

Vana Liya – “The Ballad of Johnny Butt”

LAW Records’ Vana Liya adds a fun female twist to Sublime’s “The Ballad Of Johnny Butt”. Melodic, soft, yet psychedelic, Vana crushed this cover — complete with flamenco guitar solo!

Jim Lindberg of Pennywise – “Boss D.J.”

Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg takes the reins on “Boss D.J.” and guess what? It’s so nice, you’ll wanna hear the same song twice.

Tunnel Vision – “Pool Shark”

“Pool Shark” is another one of those obscure titles in Sublime’s early anthology: recognized by true fans, yet overlooked by many. Luckily, Tunnel Vision takes you right back, right back where it’s from.

Bert Susanka of The Ziggens – “Big Salty Tears”

Another great deep cut from Sublime — the not-so-known “Mary / Big Salty Tears” off Sublime’s acoustic album, this time from The Ziggens’ Bert Susanka, with a grand piano leading the way versus the original open mic feel. The “Mary” part of the song also got the ax, too. We feel it’s for the best.

Jim and Jake Nowell – “Rivers of Babylon”

And, for the grand finalé, father and son of Bradley Nowell sing a harmonized version of the acoustic classic “Rivers Of Babylon”.

Want more? All 24 tracks and accompanying lyric videos are available for your viewing and streaming pleasures as of tomorrow, September 4th! Remaining artists include HIRIE, Leilani Wolfgramm, G. Love and many others. For more information, visit the links below.

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3 years ago

Ive been listening to this on repeat. ❤️ Such a great tribute. Great article.