The Resinators release steam in “Vacation” single

The Resinators release steam in “Vacation” single

For those well-versed in the reggae rock agenda, you have probably heard of the band The Resinators. If not, you’re missing out! Originally from Eugene, Oregon and now based in Encinitas, California, The Resinators have truly grown in sound and presence over the last six years since their inception. Their new single “Vacation” is no less impressive!

The song starts out with a delay effect on the guitar before it drops into a dark and dirty groove.

The song, recorded and mixed by Skyler Lutes from a forthcoming EP, features harmonies from all the band members, as lead singer Kyle Cameron serenades us into a vibe all his own. Touching on the concept of the world dragging our spirits down with obligations and opinions, “Vacation” calls attention to how we are constantly told what is the “right thing to do”, yet what is truly right for ourselves? We have those answers within us and know the direction we are meant to go.

“Vacation” conceptualizes tuning out of these obligations and the energies that take from our spirits, being more about wanting to be on the path that is right for us, while being able to maintain a positive vibe. You can hear musically throughout the song the battle within our minds and the touch-and-go feelings that come along with being an adult in this day and age. 

Some of the main lyrics of the song are, “I just wanna sit back for a second and stop // Fuck all the bullshit and stressing // What I need is an endless vibration // Vacation.” Considering the year we are all enduring and the ever-changing day-to-day experiences to behold, “Vacation” sets a true vibe for the times before us!

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