WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Hunter Porter “Nothing Left To Lose”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Hunter Porter “Nothing Left To Lose”

What happens when a classically-trained musician explores his darker side? You get Hunter Porter, an artist self-proclaiming himself as “the kid in jazz class who just wanted to be in a punk band” and what a mixture it is. Evident in his latest single “Nothing Left To Lose”, Porter builds conflict in his lyrics only for catharsis to take form in the subsequent instrumentals. For this track isn’t traditional in structure; it begins soft, with guitar strums and gentle vocals, only for the lyrics to give way to an explosion of rock sound through the end of the track. No chorus, no AABA — nothing but raw emotion compacted into two minutes and 18 seconds.

Hunter Porter captures the eye of a storm before hailing down a musical reckoning.

With every storm comes a pattern: you sense it coming, you feel the impending doom, decisions are made on how to ride it out. Yet, there is also a pattern of chaos — you cannot control nature. Such is the design of Porter’s love life, at least, according to the song. When you strip yourself of pretension and insecurity, when you break down the walls you’ve built up around yourself over the years, only then is when you have “nothing left to lose”.

Porter comments: “Nothing Left To Lose is about expressing to someone you’d give anything in the world to see them happy. Wanting so badly to see them be authentically themselves without fear of judgement and not the character they put on to blend into the rest of the world. Whatever small amount of ourselves we change to placate others, we lose in our own genuineness.”

Be the first to hear the new rock anthem by Hunter Porter via the exclusive stream below before it hits digital outlets tomorrow!

Exclusive world premiere of Hunter Porter’s “Nothing Left To Lose” single:

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