Lion Child debuts self-titled album

Lion Child debuts self-titled album

Very few artists make a first impression so memorable and remarkable that you know within seconds that what you’re listening to is truly special. With just over 30 minutes of run-time across nine tracks, Los Angeles-based artist Lion Child debuts her brand new offering to the world — a self-titled album.

Lion Child, aka Amee Jana Lish, was previously the lead vocalist and co-songwriter for SoCal Reggae band, The Divine Crime. They toured the US, supporting legendary artists like Don Carlos, Yellowman, Barrington Levy, Tribal Seeds, Rebelution, Tomorrows Bad Seeds and many more.

“Right now, I am simply enjoying each moment of this process…”

“It’s been a dream of mine to do a solo project with a more ambient/electronic sound. The producers that helped make it happen greatly attributes to the success of the release. After two years in the making, I’m very proud of the work and my team’s dedication and effort to get this to the finish line and hope everyone else will be too,” adds Lion Child.

Earlier this month, Lion Child saw the release of her second single “Famous Weekend Lover,” which is the follow-up to her first single release, “Mixing Chemicals”, back in July 2019.

“My team and I are currently working on a series of west coast mini-tours, in support of my album. Right now, I am simply enjoying each moment of this process,” continues Lion Child.

Industry execs and performers alike nudged her to produce her very own album that would showcase her unique sound and authentic vibe. The resulting album is a fusion of Thievery Corporation, Gwen Stefani and M.I.A. with smart, thoughtful lyrics that are complimented with deceptively vibrant melodies.

Lion Child — produced by J Randy and Josh Cardinali (Stoney Eye Studios), with additional production and engineering by Brandon Sammons, Brian Vasquez, Thai Long Ly, Alex Lockwood and Paul Monaco — comes out today, August 23rd. To get a copy of the album and for more information on Lion Child, visit the links below.

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Track listing:

  1. Mixing Chemicals
  2. 10 Ft Tall
  3. Famous Weekend Lover
  4. Psycho Babble
  5. Keeps on Moving
  6. I Go
  7. Gonna Always Need Ya
  8. Turned On
  9. Saturated & Senseless

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