Moving full speed ahead with Xenon Dream

Moving full speed ahead with Xenon Dream

One of central Florida’s upcoming dubstep and bass music artists is barreling through the music scene full-speed ahead. Already headlining and opening for some of the biggest heavyweights in EDM and only showcasing for three years, Xenon Dream has such drive and raw talent that is blowing minds all over Florida. I had the pleasure to chat with Oliver (aka, deejay and producer Xenon Dream), who let us know a bit more about himself, his project, and what plans lay ahead!

Tell us about your music — what was your first and latest writings about?

  • XD: I honestly couldn’t tell you what the first song I wrote was. It was definitely on guitar, but I’ve written so many that it’s hard to keep track of… not to mention, a lot of them don’t even have names. Generally, the songs I write on guitar have a more melancholy feel to them, as I like to write about the things that are bothering me in life, so my first song was probably about a breakup or something [laughs].
  • My latest writing was a song named “Extractor” for a four-track EP I’m working on called Terraformer. The story behind the EP is its about traveling to and ‘terraforming’ an alien planet.
  • I feel that a lot of people don’t put enough care into the parts of their songs that aren’t the drops. I really wanted to make something that not only pushed the boundaries with the drops, but also environmental storytelling, with the intros, breakdowns, and outros. So, naturally, all of the songs have an emphasis on a natural atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re in the jungle or swamp. Lastly, I wanted to push the boundaries of what an EP is. All of the songs are in completely different styles and bpms, while still being a cohesive EP, where they flow from one to another fluidly. 

Did COVID affect you or inspire you…? Or both?

  • Both actually. Obviously, everything came to a stop and shows were canceled, but it gave me the opportunity to get all of my equipment. I was working disaster relief for COVID in New York for six months when the pandemic first started and then another three in El Paso later in the year. Not many people were willing to work in hospitals with an unknown virus, so those who did were paid well. Even though the money was great, I found the experience more valuable. It really helped shape me into a better person. And, I’m sure everyone is well aware, but you couldn’t do much except be at home, so when I wasn’t doing disaster relief, I had plenty of time to work on music.

So, not only are you a badass musician you are also a very hard worker! What made you get into music for the first time?

  • My father. Whenever I would visit him, he’d always play guitar and I loved listening to him — I wanted to be like him. Over the years, I taught myself how to play guitar, as well as any other instrument I could get my hands on. I even wanted to be the vocalist/guitarist in a metal band, but I fell in love with EDM.
  • My best friend Peyton had taken me to a couple shows when I was 17-18 and then my first festival EDCO in November 2018, where I was instantly hooked. Peyton bought a mixer and we learned how to DJ together. A couple months later, I played my first show and I loved it so much that I decided I was gonna go to music school and learn production. 

Can you tell us your most inspiring moment that validated your path with music?

  • Freakfest in October of last year: I played the main stage at a one-day festival at Central Florida Fairgrounds with Zomboy, Wooli, Izno, and Benda. There were 2,500 people there. Seeing all the countless hours of hard work, sleepless nights, and literal blood, sweat, and tears paying off, it was a dream come true. I couldn’t stop smiling and the second I got offstage, I started crying because I was overwhelmingly happy. As of right now, it was the best night of my life.

It’s like you found the love of your life and you can’t get enough of it… right ?

  • Yes, exactly. I honestly couldn’t live without it. I’d gladly be living in a hammock as long I still had music. Nothing else matters to me like it does.

What was your craziest moment doing music or in music?

  • Well, I think the craziest would have to be Freakfest, because of the sheer amount of people and the amazing production. I don’t think anything else can really compare to having a sea of people moving to your music. Besides that, the craziest thing in a not so good way would be when I went to play a music festival and ended up walking around in knee-deep mud and water all weekend because of torrential downpour.

When is your next show?

  • I am playing ‘HOME BASS’ November 13th in Orlando — it’s a festival and an afterparty for another festival EDCO. HOME BASS is held at a resort, with poolside house music all day and then at night, they do bass music inside the convention center that’s connected. I will be opening for Borgore.

Tell us more about this!

  • Borgore is probably the biggest bass music producer there is, because he also does more mainstream work. He has like four million followers or something crazy like that on Soundcloud! He’s worked with some huge names that anyone will know, like Miley Cyrus, Waka Flaka Flames, and Diplo. It’ll actually be my third time playing a show with him. The first time was June 2nd, 2021 at Asteria Arts and Music Festival and the second was four months later on October 30th at Gilt nightclub. I have a lot of respect for Borgore, so it’s awesome to be able to share the stage with him.

You’ve only been playing for three years, with 55 shows under your belt in front of thousands at a time. You have come so far already!

  • Yea, I’m really blessed and thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had and the people I’ve met. It’s honestly mind-boggling. I never expected to be where I am, all I knew was that I love music, but it put this drive in me like nothing I’d ever had before. It’s like this insatiable hunger and desire to constantly do better and be better. 

Where do you see yourself in another three years?

  • Playing Lost Lands. It’s a music festival hosted by Excision, who many call the dubstep king and rightfully so. He’s one of my biggest inspirations — not only musically, but also as a person. So, naturally, being able to play onstage at Lost Lands is one of my biggest goals. 

What words of advice would you tell your fans or anyone who wants to try this?

  • Chase your dreams — give it your everything and more. If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried and won’t wonder ‘what if?’. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re at, if you put your heart into it, you can accomplish anything, and that’s exactly what Xenon Dream means to me.

This young man has such tenacity and love for what he does. I truly believe he is going to go so far with his music! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him! Go to his shows — he WILL INSPIRE YOU.

Photo Credit: Trigger Happy Media

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