Music Unites – Healing of a Nation

Supporters of good reggae music, cannabis connoisseurs, and those who enjoy the feeling of donating to charitable causes will most surely be fans of the fourth edition of Music Unites’ reggae compilations. Titled Healing of a Nation, the album features 20 tracks by some of the biggest names in the reggae scene with proceeds from the sale of the record going towards spreading cancer awareness and raising funds for cancer research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

proceeds from the sale of the record going towards spreading cancer awareness and raising funds for cancer research

Music Unites has come together with non-profit organization, Unify to Thrive, to assemble a great mix of artists. Songs by currently touring bands and Music Unites alumni, Fortunate Youth and Stick Figure are prominently featured within the confines of this artistically crafted record. There are also some terrific tracks by The Green, Rebelution, Hirie, J Boog, Leilani Wolfgramm, and Tribal Seeds that provide the perfect compliment to a nicely rolled spliff.

Perhaps our favorite track on the consciously cannabis themed compilation is the aptly named “Top Shelf” by The Expanders, a breezy ballad whose acoustic version can be seen below. Once again, if you are one to indulge in the sweet sounds of quality reggae music and are in the mood to give to a more than worthy cause, Healing of a Nation is readily available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon.

Healing of a Nation track listing

  1. Don Carlos – Front Line
  2. Rebelution – So High
  3. J Boog & Fiji – Smoking Bomb Bud
  4. Fortunate Youth – Sweet Sensi (ft. Josh Heinrichs & Steve Jacobo)
  5. Tribal Seeds – The Garden
  6. Katchafire – Collie Herb Man
  7. Stick Figure and Collie Buddz – Smokin’ Love
  8. The Green – Hold Me Tight
  9. Easy Star All Stars – The Finest
  10. Kevin Kinsella – Brain Food
  11. Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Mr. Cop
  12. The Expanders – Top Shelf
  13. Natural Vibrations & Marlon Asher – Let It Grow
  14. The Movement – Habit
  15. Hirie – Sensi Boy
  16. Rootz Underground – Herb Fields
  17. Mighty Mystic – Cali Green
  18. The Steppas – Hits
  19. Leilani Wolfgramm – Herbivore
  20. Josh Heinrichs and SkillinJah – Ganja

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The Expanders – Top Shelf

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