Panic! At The Disco drops “Middle Of A Breakup” single & video

Panic! At The Disco drops “Middle Of A Breakup” single & video
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Panic! At The Disco has released a the sophomore single from their upcoming album Viva Las Vengeance! It’s a classic Panic! At The Disco song with a nostalgic feel, like it’s off a playlist from the late 80s or 90s. I love the beat on this one and the lyrics are fun, too! “Honeybee, honey, I can hear the gossip buzzin’ around the hive.” These lyrics just instantly make me jump for joy.

I can say this with confidence — Brendon Urie knows how to put anyone in a good mood.

While watching the very well-made music video, I can tell Brendon was inspired by a ton of movies, including one of my personal favorites, Grease. It seems like landing the lead role in the play Kinky Boots has really rubbed off on Brendon Urie… his band has always had the ‘Broadway sound’. Brendon has a bit of Frank Sinatra to his voice and it’s amazing the things he’s able to do live.

And, I do love the sound of this song; Panic! At The Disco doesn’t seem to strive away from what made them great in the first place and that’s a good thing. “Middle Of A Breakup” has probably the most danceable chorus out of all of Panic’s songs; if someone asked me what’s the most feel-good chorus from a Panic! At The Disco song, I would say this one. I love this song just as much as the first single, “Viva Las Vengeance”. This song for me is a 10/10 and I can’t wait for more. Not only am I excited for Viva Las Vengeance, I am also excited for the music videos that will subsequently come, as well! Brendon Urie, don’t ever stop being great. And, Panic! At The Disco, don’t ever stop being awesome! “Middle Of A Breakup” is a great song and you should definitely give it a listen leading up to the album’s release on August 19th, 2022.

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Panic! At The Disco — “Middle Of A Breakup”

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