SYNRGY breaks boundaries with “All I Wanna Do” single

SYNRGY breaks boundaries with “All I Wanna Do” single

San Diego roots reggae band SYNRGY is back in action with their latest “All I Wanna Do” single, now available on all digital outlets. Ever since 2007, this soulful collective of talented musicians have been spreading messages of positivity and togetherness to the public, spurred onward by their unconditional affinity for revolutionary reggae music.

And, the music isn’t the only thing revolutionary about this track.

SYNRGY has decided to hop on the cryptocurrency front, releasing “All I Wanna Do” as a cutting edge NFT. Being one of the first American reggae bands to do so, SYNRGY has, once again, redefined what musical acts can achieve within the industry. The Non Fungible Token includes an mp3 version of “All I Wanna Do” (available for instant download to the bidder) and the single’s original artwork by band frontman and lead singer Brian Zach.

SYNRGY comments on the NFT auction: “[The song and artwork] could be yours forever. This is a depreciating auction that will end on 4/20/21 at 12am. Best of luck and may the odds ever be in your favor!!!”

Why should you put in your bid? Well, on top of supporting a band in need after the disastrous year of 2020, the music itself is enough to want to own a piece of it. According to SYNRGY, all they wanna do is “play music all day”; on the flipside, deprived festival-goers probably want to hear live music played all day. It’s a win-win. The track is uplifting, echoing and filled with fun percussion moments — all the ingredients of a great vibey reggae track. A bubble organ and soft guitar strums set the scene of a sun setting along a coastline… friends winding down with friends, smoking weed and relishing life. You know, that sense of ordinary omnipresent before the national pandemic. SYNRGY is confident we will get back to that state of mind, one music-filled day at a time.

Upon the release of “All I Wanna Do”, the band immediately headed over to one of the first reggae rock festivals of 2021, ┬íViva Iriezona!, with more hopes of live performances to come on the horizon. With any luck, SYNRGY will be able to take this vibrant new single on the road soon. For more information, visit the links below.

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SYNRGY – “All I Wanna Do” promo video:

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