TreeHouse! teams with Dan Kelly in “Natural High” single

It's always a breath of fresh air when speaking with Jeremy Anderson, frontman, multi and majorly talented musician and founder of TreeHouse!, a reggae-rock band out of Myrtle Beach, SC. If it's cold where you are right now, TreeHouse's latest track “Natural High” is about to warm up your soul with its summer breeze and palm tree vibrations. When I tell you that this track would not have happened this quickly, it seriously would not have. One thing that I have learned from 'Positive J' (Anderson) is that his intense, yet soft nature is completely even-balanced. When he has a lyrically-driven idea, or any idea for that matter, he hits the ground running and at full-throttle. With that said, this track is no different.

The track's musical ripeness is fresh with lyrics and a melody unique to the southern east coast…

Anderson is actually what I would call a 'go-to guy' when it comes to collaborations and is well known for his alive and 'woke' lyrics. This is where a seat belt is required, so hold on tight. Anderson reached out to Dan Kelly, the soft spoken frontman of the hugely successful California band Fortunate Youth. While FY was on tour, Anderson threw his idea for this single at Kelly and after the show, the two got to talking. If it hadn't been a mix of Anderson's persistance to see this track happen or Dan Kelly keeping his word to Jeremy and to the guys, this easygoin' jam would not exist. Anderson quoted Dan to have written his verse in twenty minutes.

Fast forward in a cross country jet plane to California for the making of the song's music video. When asked how the atmosphere was, let's just say it was comfy clothes and writing pads. These two talented guys went at it and the final product is a definite hit. Not that we are the slightest bit suprised…

The ebb and flow of how this song came to be and how incredibly amazing it is to see an idea develop into a fully lit bulb is pretty awesome. The track's musical ripeness is fresh with lyrics and a melody unique to the southern east coast native Anderson, as well as the west coast, Kelly. Well done, gentlemen. Check out the links below to watch the full music video which teleports you to the west coast and be sure to keep an eye out for an upcoming show near you. TreeHouse! is best served when consumed LIVE!!

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Official “Natural High” lyric video:


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