Scrap Yard Aces looks to the cosmos in “Red Solar Radio” single

Scrap Yard Aces looks to the cosmos in “Red Solar Radio” single

With live shows, touring and festivals ground to halt and seemingly no end in sight, most artists would like to forget 2020 ever existed. But, many are using this time to write and release new music to fill the creative void and give back to suffering music fans! With their new single “Red Solar Radio”, out now on all streaming outlets, OC-based reggae-rockers Scrap Yard Aces does this with a massive soundscape — a single breaking new musical ground for the quartet!

Since the band’s formation in 2015, Scrap Yard Aces has always blended diverse influences, including reggae, dub, ska and rock. In “Red Solar Radio”, the band leans heavily into psychedelic rock, while keeping a groove that still evokes the same reggae feeling they’ve built their sound around.

“’Red Solar Radio’ is a natural progression for us,” says singer/guitarist Steve Woods. 

“We’ve always loved Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix, as well as dub. ‘Red Solar Radio’ lets us take on those sounds in a big way.” 

The song, penned by drummer Randy Brown, features a swampy, driving rhythm and gritty, impassioned vocals. The hook takes you on the adventure, as the track leaves this earth and enters into the cosmos. 

I saw a sneak peak of the animated lyric video, featuring psychedelic licks from guitarist Brent Nichols and Hammond organ work by Shawn Taylor (of Simpkin Project). Taylor engineered and mixed the song, all of which mesh perfectly with the otherworldly images in the upcoming video. 

As the track states, “the only truth is music”. It’s a sentiment that makes sense to anyone who turns to music in both good times and bad. It’s clear that SYA cares deeply about the words and sounds they create, and “Red Solar Radio” is a musical journey that’s worth the trip for any reggae rock fan!

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Scrap Yard Aces – “Red Solar Radio”

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3 years ago

Love these guys! This song is on repeat! They always put on a great show. Cool dudes!