Vana Liya to release “I Don’t Care What You Do” (Brosiah Remix)

Vana Liya to release “I Don’t Care What You Do” (Brosiah Remix)

Northern California producer Brosiah (Josiah Morrison) is known amongst locals as an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries within musical genres. His latest pairing with reggae-pop artist Vana Liya is of no exception. Brosiah got his start in the music industry by playing guitar in various progressive metal bands –most notably, Solano county favorite, Decipher the Fallen. He eventually discovered his love of genre mashups, which led him to producing his own experimental works, as well as making remixes of songs you may not expect.

In summer of 2020 after signing to LAW Records, Vana Liya was living in northern California and met Brosiah at a house party. He heard her song “I Don’t Care What You Do” and thought that he could bring a unique EDM twist to the track.

What happened next is nothing short of MAGIC!

The newly remixed track by Brosiah features a heavy bass, with a classic EDM drop. It is honestly so fun to dance to that I do not think you will be able to make it through the song without smiling. This remix transports you straight to a festival summertime afterparty… which, let’s be honest, are also right around the corner.

“I Don’t Care What You Do” by Vana Liya the Brosiah Remix is due to be released next Friday, April 16th. Make sure to follow this rising reggae rock superstar on her social media for more.

Cover photo by Laith Atiyeh

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