The Field of Haze Music and Lifestyle festival 2016

It is an exciting time to be a music fan. The music scene is growing exponentially and there are more festivals than ever to attend.  Summer isn’t the only season good for festivals. There are now a plethora of events taking place in the winter and early spring.  With so many festivals to choose from, attendees are looking for a unique experience in addition to obviously an amazing lineup of music. The upcoming Field of Haze Music and Lifestyle Festival offers an escape from the frosty cold of winter and will lead you directly into the festival experience that you were craving for in the off season. Taking place in Oroville, California, home of The Mother Orange Tree and Sacremento River's principal tributary, Feather River, the Field Of Haze festival is much more than a music festival.  Falling just shy of 4/20, the festival will be a pre-party celebration for marijuana enthusiasts, good vibes, and music lovers alike.

Come out and enjoy some of the best of what the scene is all about

The crossover of music lovers and marijuana use is huge, so the idea for a festival just makes sense.  “The Field of Haze is a lifestyle event for everyone. Come out and enjoy some of the best of what the scene is all about: music, culture and togetherness.” Says festival Organizer, Jeff Monser. “When organizing the event, I wanted to bring to the table something different. Something fans would support, and embrace. I think we’ve done that and I’m excited to bring people together once again, for the ultimate 4/20 Pre ­Party celebration.”

The 2016 Artist Line Up:

  • Pepper
  • The Green
  • J Boog
  • Zion I
  • Through the Roots
  • Thrive
  • Arden Park Roots
  • J Ras with IrieFuse
  • Darenots
  • Synrgy
  • Simple Creations
  • Bad Neighborz

Festival Details:

The Field of Haze Music and Lifestyle Festival
Dates: April 16, 2016
Time: 10 am­ 11 pm PDT
Venue: Field of Dreams Ranch
Address: 1534 Oneal Rd. Oroville CA
Admission: Varies from $30 to $100 Check here.
Official Hashtags: #FOH2016 #FeelTheHaze

Updated February 9, 2016: Added just announced J Boog and Through the Roots
Updated March 1, 2016: Added Zion I, J Ras with IrieFuse, and Synrgy

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