Catching up with Sun Dried Vibes

Sun Dried Vibes is a three piece reggae-rock band from South Carolina. They recently journeyed across the U.S. and made their way to California, where they played with such bands as Badfish, Tatanka, Jon Wayne and The Pain, and HIRIE. After also having an intense tour last year on their way to the California Roots Festival, stopping in 37 cities, Top Shelf Reggae was able to finally catch up with the boys on their seemingly never-ending reggae-rock journey.

How was your tour?

  • Zach: We did dates with Badfish along the East Coast, and Louisiana and Texas. Then, we went to Colorado. It was awesome.
  • Evan: So much hospitality (in Colorado.) There were great groups of people out there.
  • Zach: We did all shows in Colorado with Tatanka, co-headlining with them. Then, we did two days with Jon Wayne and the Pain in California, and then HIRIE.

What do you think of the California scene?

  • Evan: It is awesome!
  • Zach: It always treats us well.
  • Evan: It is definitely something we want to be a part of.

Let’s rewind to California Roots Festival, last year. How was it?

  • Zach: It is like the company picnic for reggae bands. We did Jam-in-the-Van, too. We just had an amazing crowd.

How is the reggae rock music scene in the East Coast vs. West Coast?

  • Zach: The whole scene is definitely growing… exponentially at this point.
  • Evan: It’s pretty equal and doing really well out there (in the East Coast.)
  • Zach: The support is definitely out there. Great interaction.

What are your thoughts of the West Coast?

  • Evan: This is where we want to be.
  • Zach: We made good a lot of good friendships and connections with a lot of the bands out here, so it is our goal to keep coming back more frequently.
  • Evan: It is fun to come out here and represent South Carolina. There are a lot of good people, and a lot of reggae fans.

How would you classify your music?

  • Evan: Rock Reggae.
  • Zach: We do not think much of classifying it. Brad (of Sublime) didn’t burn something amazingly new, but had a huge influence on our generation of American kids, and the music we grew up with and fell in love with. He kind of introduced us to the culture of music from Jamaica for which we might not have really experienced.

How about as American Reggae?

  • Zach: That is pretty broad as far as what could be American reggae. (For instance,) If you live in America and you make any form of reggae.
  • Evan: I did not think people thought in those terms.

Do you have any opinion on playing roots reggae music vs. American style?

  • Evan: Music is music.
  • Zach: As long as the message is maintained, I do not think it matters what style of reggae you are playing.
  • Evan: It’s your interpretation.

Is Reggae a global phenomenon?

  • Evan: I think it was going to happen.
  • Zach: The phenomena started with Bob. He is like the icon of reggae, and everyone knows him.
  • Evan: And, that is absolutely good. He put the image of it to everybody.

Is the One Love message in your music?

  • Zach: We follow the same kind of message.

Any thoughts on Jamaican vs. American reggae issues?

  • Zach: I would think it was more of a compliment that people are latching onto it, and recreating it in their own sense. I would think it was more complimentary than insulting.
  • Evan: It is definitely appreciated, and a lot of good bands come through the East Coast.

Tell me about your album Back2Square1.

  • Zach: The response has been good, and pretty standard for our follow-up album. It sold fairly well. We’re just moving forward, getting ready to start the next album.
  • Evan: There is definitely new music coming.

Are you excited for the upcoming Carolina Sessions?

  • Zach: I think the lineup is a good representation of east coast bands. Everyone on the bill is from that side of the country, so I think it is a good representation of our scene out there. We’re gonna feel at home for sure.

Any words for fans?

  • Evan: We love you. Let’s keep getting better! Let’s make the world better.

Will you guys be trying out In-n-Out Burger?

  • Evan: Hopefully, not.

We here at Top Shelf Reggae think it is always great to follow up on viewpoints from all over the country, and the world for that matter, when it comes to supporting reggae music. It was great catching up with these boys as they continue to blaze trails from the East Coast to the West Coast.

For more information on Sun Dried Vibes, visit their website

Sun Dried Vibes “Sweatin' This”

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