Throwback fest Beats at the Beach about to hit San Diego

Throwback fest Beats at the Beach about to hit San Diego

Everyone loves a good throwback. It’s also safe to assert that everyone has admiration for a beach setting. Combining these cherished entities is radio station Magic 92.5 and Subaru, presenting San Diego with Beats at the Beach this upcoming September 18th, featuring an all star “I Love the 90’s” lineup! And, when we say ‘all star’, we mean it!

You want the ultimate 90s party? Whoomp — here it is.

Going down like a slap bracelet this fall at Mission Beach’s Belmont Park is a premiere old-school hip hop extravaganza, including live graffiti artists, street performers, B-boys and more. And, did we mention the music? Get ready to do your “Wild Thing” with rapper Tone Lōc warming up the mic, before Rob Base reminds us just how many it takes to make a thing go right (two… the answer is two). And, just when you get into the groove, Tag Team takes over with their ultimate jock jam “Whoomp! (There It Is)”. Sir Mix-A-Lot is next up… do we even have to comment here? Just when you think you can’t get jiggy wit it more, hip hop legends Naughty By Nature leads this epic dance party into the night.

Tickets are now on sale for this mind-blowing walk down memory lane, with general admission only $40! Please note that this is a 21+ event, so make sure to leave the kiddies at home. And, be sure to be prompt –this fest only spans seven hours from 3-10pm. If you’re a nostalgic 90s lover like us, you won’t want to miss a single second of Beats at the Beach 2021. For more information or to lock in your ticket now, visit the Magic 92.5 website.

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