Tropidelic at Revolution Bar & Music Hall NYC

A funky explosion of brass mixed with a little hip hop hit the Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville, NY as the six-piece band of Tropidelic took the stage. The band made a stop on their tour to rock with Long Island on December 8th, joined by performers who reflected the bands ranging genres: Samurai Pizza Cats, Vana Liya and The Dirty Shovels.

Once the music started, it was hard to keep still…

Once the music started, it was hard to keep still – even the band members couldn’t contain their moves! Not often do you see a reggae band so in harmony with each other musically, that they are able to dance in unison as well. Tropidelic is one of those bands. Band members James Begin (trombone/vocals) and Derek McBryde (trumpet) made me want to hop on stage and join their jig, they were having so much fun. It was clear the crowd was feeling this vibe as they bumped and jived to their jazzy hits.

The audience was treated to Tropidelic’s best that showed off their collection of genre-fusing songs, taking us back to their 2015 album, Police State. Once the horns began to blare for their popular song “Alcoholic”, there was no denying that this song with slick lyrics and funky rhythms could catch anyone’s attention. Lead singer Roads’ powerful voice found its way through the sonically booming band to deliver the lyrics of “Bad Cookie”, a song about a wild child that caught his eye. It seems Tropidelic has really found their groove in their newest album, Heavy Is The Head. It was a blast to hear the songs, “The Line”, “Hey Now”, “Church” and “Highs And Lows” come alive onstage.

While the band continues to spread their jams across the country, you can look forward to them dropping their latest album this spring. A possible addition to the album may be their new song, “Cali”, that debuted at Sugarshack Sessions and found its way into their set list that night. Based on what we heard that night, it is shaping up to be a dynamic album!

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