Women in music: an interview with Linda Perry and Alisha Ballard of EqualizeHer

Photo by Emily Wynne-Hughes

Did you know that only 1% of the top songs in music have only female writers? Did you also know that 2.6% of all music producers are female and over the last 9 years only 13.6% of artists nominated for Grammy awards were female? Even as a female musician, I had no idea the statistics were so staggeringly disproportionate. Luckily for me, I had the pleasure of interviewing and being enlightened by two of the hardest working and empowering women in the music industry today, Linda Perry (4 Non Blondes) and Alisha Ballard. In early 2022, Linda and Alisha founded EqualizeHer, an organization for women by women. EqualizeHer’s mission is to achieve equal representation of women across all aspects of the music industry, from recording studios to stages to board rooms. This is done by providing resources and access to women so they can thrive in the music industry while helping others to do the same. The initiative also generates awareness and aligns many industry organizations to inspire and support young women. 

I encourage you to check out the full interview on YouTube with these inspirational ladies where we discuss:

  • Their new initiative EqualizeHer
  • Creating more equal opportunities for women in the music industry 
  • Is there a future for female artists that don’t want to be influencers?
  • The need for women in behind the scenes music positions 
  • Linda Perry and Alisha Ballard’s powerful careers as women at the top of their fields
  • And much more!!! 
Article and Interview by: Anastasia Elliot

For more on Linda & Alicia check out: https://www.equalizeher.org

For more on Anastasia Elliot check out: https://www.anastasiaelliot.com

Photo by Emily Wynne-Hughes

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