WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Dillinger’s Hired Guns “Jellyfish of Love”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Dillinger’s Hired Guns “Jellyfish of Love”

Blaine Dillinger continues his instrumental solo journey with a brand new single “Jellyfish of Love”, premiering with Top Shelf Music today before it hits any other digital outlet! A cornerstone of bands like HIRIE, Shrub and Clear Conscience, Dillinger proves through his solo ventures that he is far from a hired hand. Under the denomination Dillinger’s Hired Guns, “Jellyfish of Love” pivots from the heavy prog rock sound of “Witchduck” — his last single — to a more familiar reggae-infused tune, featuring a myriad of reggae rock industry friends: HIRIE drummer Matt Benoit, Sunshine Cantu on bass and the keyboard talents of Mike DeGuzman (of Passafire).

Starting slow and psychedelic, each instrument is emphasized to build a symphony of sound by the time the guitar launches in.

Reverberation and echo make it seem like a jellyfish effortlessly treading dark ocean waters — its form majestic, lest you get too close. And, that’s the tonality of “Jellyfish of Love”… hard, yet soft. Beautiful, yet lethal. You can’t snuggle up to a jellyfish.

Dillinger keeps producing these guitar ballads, one right after the other! It seems the multi-instrumentalist is working towards an eventual EP in his HIRIE touring downtime, but we shall see. One thing is for sure, he is quite a productive guy! Be the first to check out “Jellyfish of Love” by Dillinger’s Hired Guns below before the single becomes available everywhere tomorrow. Plus, we dig the single’s artwork by reggae artist Jason J!

Exclusive world premiere of Dillinger’s Hired Guns “Jellyfish of Love” single:

Cover photo by Kristy Rose

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Michele Richards
3 years ago

This is beyond brilliant, love it!!!!