WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Marcus Upbeat “She’s So Sweet”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Marcus Upbeat “She’s So Sweet”

Marcus Upbeat, aka Downbeat, has had himself quite the impressive career. Gaining fandom in the UK from his former band, No.1 Station, Upbeat not only worked closely with Lee Scratch Perry, but further toured with Roxy Music in the height of their prime! Now a solo artist, Upbeat is ready to release new music — on his own label, no less! Upbeat personally saw to the revival of The Blue Beat Label, an entity that went belly up in 1967. Partnering with its previous owner Siggy Jackson, the two relaunched the label in 2004. Fast forward 15 years and the label is booming with new leadership and fresh music finds.

Upbeat’s latest single is a prime example of what The Blue Beat Label can offer. Combining uptempo ska strumming to a reggae backbeat, “She’s So Sweet” is a delightful love song right in time for summer. Refreshing instrumentals, that make you feel poolside, are paired with lyrics like “come and let me hold you by the hip, darlin” to take time to smell the roses and “appreciate the love between us”. Marcus Upbeat reminds men that women are treasures to cherish, gifts to the soul rather than a ball and chain. Relish in your relationship, your woman has earned your affection!

As the fun track comes to an end, listeners are enticed to wanting more and Marcus Upbeat will make sure there is! For more information on Marcus Upbeat, try the links below and be the first to tune into “She’s So Sweet” before it hits digital outlets tomorrow in this world premiere!

Exclusive listen of Marcus Upbeat’s “She’s So Sweet” single:

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