Advents teaches listeners about dealing with mental and emotional chaos in new single

Advents teaches listeners about dealing with mental and emotional chaos in new single

Following the release of their debut EP, NYC based metalcore band Advents presents their latest offering, “Match My Misery,” a song that delves deep into the pain of losing someone and the struggle to piece oneself back together. It lyrically touches upon the mental and emotional chaos dealing with the realization that the person you lost isn’t struggling as much as you are. Produced, mixed, and mastered by the talented Randy Pasquarella (If I Were You), this track features a collaboration with Mexico City’s Afterglow, adding an extra layer of intensity and emotion to the mix.

“Match My Misery” is a poignant and emotionally charged composition that speaks to the specific pain experienced through a breakup.

Advents confronts this deeply relatable theme head-on, encapsulating the raw emotions and turmoil that arise from such a profound loss. It’s not only sonically heavy, it’s very complex and in my opinion only begins to scratch the mature depth Advents has as a band. The single found its way onto the “All New Metal” Spotify editorial playlist, the first single by the band to do so. I can only speak in speculation, but in the short time the band has existed it’s continuing to prove to the metal community why they aren’t just another metalcore band doing the same things as everyone else. You can now stream the song on all digital platforms.

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