Less Than Three helps hold down Seattle’s pop punk scene

Less Than Three helps hold down Seattle’s pop punk scene

Seattle-based band Less Than Three is making waves with the release of their single “Demons.” Known for their passion for pop punk music, the band recently signed a deal with Curtain Call Records and can now be heard on rockrageradio.com. Their music is a testament to their evolving creativity and love for songwriting.

“Demons” captures the essence of heartbreak and the inspiration that can arise from such experiences. The powerful guitar intro sets the stage for a song that resonates with anyone who has ever felt the pain depicted in the lyrics. The track’s message about the transient nature of things is a poignant reminder that nothing lasts forever.

The band’s songwriting and lyrics are exceptional, leaving listeners with the tune stuck in their heads all day long. Their music is the perfect soundtrack for a skatepark session in Seattle, with its catchy hooks and seamless blend of guitars, drums, and technical mixing. Upon repeated listens, the intricacies of the sounds and vocals become apparent, showcasing the band’s deep understanding of music.

Lead member Bradley Miranda‘s talents extend beyond being a multi-instrumentalist; he is also a music producer and recording engineer. Less Than Three’s brand of pop punk appeals to a wide range of listeners, even those who typically favor metal or reggae rock. Their music combines a flowing sound, fast beats, and meaningful lyrics, creating a truly captivating piece of art that resonates with many.

In a world filled with heartache, Less Than Three offers solace through their music, providing an “air hug” that reassures us that everything will be alright. Their genuine understanding of the power of music shines through every note.

With over 1,000,000 views and streams on social media platforms, Less Than Three is poised to make a significant impact on the pop punk scene. This Seattle-born band is unstoppable and should not be underestimated. Get ready for their explosive journey as they hit the road, bringing their unique brand of music to audiences everywhere.

Read on to hear more about what the guys had to say about it!

I know your band is a big deal all over on the west coast. Are you all from Seattle, Washington?

  • I would not call us a big deal. If anyone thinks we are a big deal, it is very flattering. We were picking up steam here in Seattle before COVID hit, so now we are working to get back to where we were before. Everything has changed after the pandemic, so I’m learning something new every day.

So, has your band been together for a few years? Do you guys live close to each other so you can practice as much as you can?

  • Less Than Three has been a music project for 15 years – It started when I was a teenager. Mostly playing shows with a couple of my friends and my brother. I was initially designated as singer/songwriter and guitarist, but band members kept changing. College was a real challenge because everyone went their separate ways. I started playing drums, bass, and guitar on the recordings because it was more convenient to put music out. I’ve had various musicians fill in for shows throughout the years. I recently connected with drummer, Cole Paramore, who is also local to Seattle. He has saved this project from falling apart. My brother Brian has been playing bass for the most part.

I hear you are planning on touring a lot this year! Where are you guys’ focused touring at? 

  • Our plans are flexible, but we’re focusing on the west coast. Right now, we have a few shows lined up in Oregon and Washington. My goal is to develop a bigger following locally and spread out that way. I hope we make it down to California at some point.

You guys have a lot of support with your promotions and media marketing. You’ve got Rock Rage Radio throwing a lot of support and Curtain Call Records! Can you give us more details on what’s coming up with your year?

  • We dropped our new single “Demons” on May 5th, and it’ll be on rotation on Rock Rage Radio. Curtain Call Records focuses on getting attention on a national level, while I focus on developing a bigger following locally. It’s one giant team effort, and I couldn’t thank them enough for supporting the music.

I know you dropped your single “Demons “ on Curtain Call and distro is with Sony Orchard. Tell us more about the writing process for this song. I’m totally digging this pop punk situation!

  • I always have a goal of writing a song as fast as possible. I feel like songs get stale if you spend too much time on it, but that’s just my preference. It took me about 20 minutes to compose the melody and outline of the song. Since I did the instrumentation, I knew exactly what I wanted it to sound like. I wanted drums to be something people could dance to. I wanted the guitars to be as heavy as possible, and I wanted the melody and lyrics to get stuck in people’s heads. I’m not very good at bass, so that’s why I kept it simple. It took me about six hours to record the entire thing, and I had a lot of fun doing it.

Any bands you would love to share stages with? 

  • In an ideal dream world? Definitely, Green Day. It would be surreal. I would say to continue the dream- All Time Low, State Champs, Cartel, and Story of the Year. Really any of the pop punk legends of my youth.  Realistically, I really enjoy playing with local pop punk bands in Seattle. 

On another note, Bradley, your music background is quite impressive! Your resume includes your dedication to being a recording engineer for MxPx’s Mike Herrera and totally embracing your pop punk music through your career and your band! Tell us more about this!

  • Pop punk music has always been my favorite to play, and MxPx has always been an inspiration when I was younger. I wanted to become a producer and recording engineer as well. When I was studying audio in college, there was this very fateful day that I ran into Mike at an ice cream shop.  One conversation led to an internship, which is how I ended up in that position. He taught me everything. It varies from changing guitar strings, making me a better drummer, and recording and producing bands. He also showed me the business side of being a musician.

Your band is really showing your development and progression! Tell us about your music scene over there!

  • I’m always discovering new local pop punk bands, and I hope to share the stage with a few. I’d like to see more local shows happening and more people coming out to support. The pandemic has changed so much, and I hope going out with friends to hear live music continues to grow.

Any cool or crazy music stories?

  • Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day reposted a cover I did on Instagram. It gained 238,000 views overnight. I felt like I received approval from Jesus of Suburbia himself. This led to a bunch of managers and A&R people trying to find out if I was making my own music. 

Got any inspirational words for those out there that just want to do what they love?

  • Make noise on social media and be as annoying as possible (I mean… post as much as possible). Always strive to develop the best content you can; you can learn about anything on YouTube. This will get the attention of people who can help your music career. As easy as it sometimes looks, being a musician is hard. I still practice every day, and I won’t stop. Once you add the business side, it gets even harder. Don’t ever sign anything you don’t understand. Get a good entertainment lawyer then take all your band earnings and save it to pay them. They will protect you from bad deals. Most importantly, have fun.

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