Mighty Mystic ‘The Art of Balance’ album review

Mighty Mystic took the world by storm in 2006 after achieving international stardom from the hit song “Riding on the Clouds.” However, it wasn’t until four years later that the release of his first album Wake up the World rocked the genre. Wake up the World boasted several standouts, such as “Revolution,” “Riding on the Clouds,” “Original Love,” & “Slipped Away” with appearances from reggae icon Shaggy and roots rocker Lutan Fyah.

Fast forward six years, Mighty Mystic will be releasing their latest installment to the world on March 11, 2016. The album, titled The Art of Balance will be released under the reputable California based label Roots Musician Records.

Song after song Mighty Mystic manages to build up the emotions of the music

Opening track “How I Rock” is a fantastic set-up for the next fourteen tracks of impressive music. Song after song Mighty Mystic manages to build up the emotions of the music, bringing captivating narratives wrapped in rhyming patterns and melodies. The album truly showcases the prowess and potency of the ensemble. The Art of Balance spans about 73 minutes and features something for just about everyone, with tracks like “Something Bout Mary” and “Rebel.”

Mystic’s story telling ability is obvious with this lyrics containing spellbinding narrative providing more insight into the backstory of each piece after each listen.

Mystic goes on to says “I went into this album the same way I live my life which is as close to being balanced as possible.  Balance in fun, seriousness, laughing or crying, health and well being and knowing when it’s ok to eat a little junk food. While that might sound corny it’s true, I like to keep my life balanced so why not the music”.

Mighty Mystic and The Hard Roots Movement will be performing at selected venues throughout California in their Art Of Balance tour starting March 12th, one day following their album release.

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Track listing

  1. How I Rock
  2. Rebels
  3. Something Bout Mary
  4. Red Light Girl
  5. How Many Miles
  6. Fast Car
  7. Woman
  8. Easy
  9. Solid As The Rock
  10. Boys In Blue
  11. Only Birds
  12. High Grade
  13. Is Not Gold
  14. Only The Strong
  15. Blackened

Mighty Mystic Something Bout Mary official video

Release date: March 11, 2016 • Roots Musician Records

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