Nashville artist Kendall Bowser releases emotionally complex single, “Got Away”

Nashville artist Kendall Bowser releases emotionally complex single, “Got Away”

Nashville based indie folk artist Kendall Bowser doesn’t believe in destiny, rather she chooses to be more intentional with her choices as she so emphatically states in the first verse of her latest single “Got Away”. The song, which is the first story from her upcoming and aptly named EP Sober Truths, which tells of the emotional complexities and mental gymnastics that often plague all of us in the aftermath of a painful breakup. It reflects upon the all too common string of ruminating thoughts and inner monologues that don’t seem to let us forget someone we are missing out of habit. Her voice beautifully glides over a soft, yet hypnotic drum beat complimented perfectly with her acoustic guitar.

“Got Away” is a beautiful, yet introspectively heart-wrenching song about something most of us have experienced in our lifetime: having a relationship end… not so much by fate, but rather a lack of effort. 

There was this weird phenomenon that I realized during the time after my own breakup that a lot of people seem to have “the one that got away.” At this point in my process I realized that I hated the idea that someone “got away” because most of the time they didn’t get away, the other person either pushed them away or merely just let them go – hence came my song “Got Away”. 

In this age of disposable connections and fleeting romances, Kendall Bowser’s music stands out for its sincerity and depth. At the age of 23, Kendall Bowser exhibits a level of maturity and focus that sets her apart from her peers. With her upcoming EP, Sober Truths, she will solidify her status as a rising talent in the Nashville indie folk scene. Her deliberate and intentional approach to her craft is evident in every note and lyric, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression. Be sure to stream “Got Away” on your preferred music consumption platform today! 

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