The Holdup release new single “Solid”

Since the critical acclaim success of their 2011 debut album titled Still Gold, reggae and music lovers have been clamoring and anxiously waiting for new music from California based reggae band The Holdup. Since releasing their debut album the band has garnered a great deal of commercial success and moved on to sell tens of thousands of records nationwide.

“Everything is okay. Just keep living.”

Released late June, The Holdup’s new single titled “Solid” hit the web and merges their varied backgrounds and differing past influences into an impressive track that is chock-full of all the niceties that you would expect to hear from the reggae soundscape, and yet finds ways to surprise and stimulate the senses with their expressive composition. In the new single, lead singer Mike Garmany speaks of his uphill struggle with anxiety and depression which left him nearly suicidal.

“This is not a call for sympathy nor is it an attempt to gain attention,” says Garmany. “This is an attempt to relate to other people who may be going through or have gone through similar experiences to mine. You’re not alone. Everything is okay. Just keep living.”

See The Holdup perform from their impressive discography on their North American tour with Kash’d Out and Ballyhoo! in a city near you!

The Holdup “Solid”

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Tour dates for the holdup

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