Atreyu releases newest single, “Drowning”

Atreyu releases newest single, “Drowning”

California’s metalcore band Atreyu unveils another jaw dropping stunner. The band has been the hallmark of new metal and reveals so many different levels of their craft in this new song “Drowning”. Their music has always been inspired by their truths, their own path in music. Formed in 1998, they have continued to create an innovative sound and vibe.

Like all their music, this track has got guts, heavy break downs, and the music is perfectly produced. “Drowning” delves into emotional subject matter dealing with depression, and anxiety something that can be a taboo in discussion.

This is their anthem to the dark side of our culture shocked society.

The video for “Drowning” is more than a jovial clip, but it’s clear their music is top notch and the lyrics in the track tell a different story much more challenging and difficult to express in real life.

The band expressed, “To the five of us, this song is audio anti-depressants. Much like everyone does, the five of us have experienced waves of depression, anxiety, and fear in vastly different ways. This song is about feeling buried. We have found comfort in simply communicating those feelings with each other and hope you will arrive in a similar place when listening. This song is for all of us.”

Atreyu’s among the top bands in the world, and its clear they will continue to reign.

Atreyu has now kicked of their European tour supporting their recent full length album Baptize

Photo by Heather Vandemark

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