Brandon Hardesty releases second single, “Spinning Plates” off upcoming acoustic album

Brandon Hardesty releases second single, “Spinning Plates” off upcoming acoustic album

Hardesty does it again! The Annapolis native has gifted us music lovers with another single off the upcoming Bumpin Uglies album, Underdog: The Acoustic Sessions, which was recorded live in studio by frontman Brandon Hardesty and is set to drop later this summer on September 8th. “Spinning Plates” is listed as the eighth track but the second released, succeeded by the album’s namesake hit “Underdog”. 

“Spinning Plates” is a poignant and introspective track that delves deep into the complexities of self-doubt and the struggle to tame an over-anxious mind.

About the track, Hardesty mentions, “Spinning Plates’ is a song about not being okay in your own skin so to compensate you try and stay busy so there’s no time to think about it. I was playing a lot of blues guitar when I wrote it so it’s made up with a bit of a blues tonality over top of an acoustic reggae groove”.

The song’s origins sheds light on its powerful themes and the musical elements that bring it to life with the blues-inspired guitar paired with an acoustic reggae groove perfectly captures the song’s essence, reflecting the complex emotions of the lyrics.

In “Spinning Plates,” Hardesty opens up about feeling unsettled and seeking distractions to avoid confronting internal dissonance. The song’s lyrics beautifully paint a vivid picture of someone grappling with anxiety, loneliness, and the fear of judgment from others. The opening lines, “I drink coffee until I shake, I lift weights until I ache,” showcase a person trying to numb their thoughts and emotions through outward and physical activities. Spending excessive time indoors, seemingly attempting to escape the outside world’s pressures. True poetry.

The chorus captures the essence of the song, describing the feeling of constantly juggling various aspects of life, akin to “spinning plates.”

Hardesty speaks from the perspective of being a laughingstock, assuming that people judge him based on what they see on the surface and the faults he’s hung up on; evoking a sense of vulnerability and the desire for acknowledgment and understanding.

Hardesty’s soulful and emotive vocals bring out the raw feelings embedded in the song. The twang of the guitar illustrating the blues tonality that enriches the song with a somber undertone, perfectly complementing the reflective and introspective nature of the lyrics.

As the song progresses, struggles with regrets and fixations on past mistakes come to light, becoming entangled in thoughts; feeling weighed down by the burdens carried.

The image of holding “this weight upon my chest” metaphorically represents the emotional baggage that burdens the mind highlighting the inner turmoil, where admittedly a smiling exterior is sometimes a facade, hiding the screams and anguish within. In striving for more, “cooking up a scheme” to attain success or happiness, desperately seeking a “bigger piece of cake” in life.

“Spinning Plates” powerfully captures the constant mental and emotional battle faced fighting anxious thoughts like a constantly ticking clock and never taking the time to rest (“I’m all gas ain’t got no brakes“). The lyrics poignantly portray the struggle of trying to keep up with life’s demands, feeling overwhelmed by myriad thoughts, feelings, and actions. The song ends with the line, “Medium rare I’ll take that steak. Dear God, I hope you can’t relate,” which conveys a sense of surrender and vulnerability including respect for others. 

“Spinning Plates” by Bumpin Uglies is a powerful and evocative song that explores the intricate emotions of self-doubt, anxiety, and the quest for self-acceptance. Hardesty’s soulful vocals and bluesy guitar playing, combined with the heartfelt and introspective lyrics, create a compelling musical experience. The song leaves a lasting impression, resonating with listeners who have also experienced the weight of their own spinning plates, yearning for solace and understanding in a fast-paced and judgmental world.

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