We have “Forever Fallen” over metal band, Bridges Ablaze

We have “Forever Fallen” over metal band, Bridges Ablaze

It can often become an overused cliche to say that certain things coming together is simply “destiny”. Far too often we hear people making the claim that coincidental meetings and random occurrences are some sort of divine providence. Call me a cynic but it takes a whole lot of circumstances lining up for me to ever consider using the word. With that being said, It is my belief that destiny has brought together Brien Allen and Ruben Zamora. The founding members of Austin, Texas metal band Bridges Ablaze are not unlike many other talented bands of their genre. They both are talented songwriters, they can both sing extremely well and their guitar talents reach an almost virtuoso-like level. However, there is a certain type of magic that their unification has brought about that is completely undeniable and it has been this combination that is setting them apart from so many of their peers.  

“Forever Fallen” serves as an anthem exploring themes of despair, darkness, death, isolation and hopelessness; the song delves into the human struggle against formidable inner demons that inevitably arise in life.

With a deeply personal touch, the band infuses their own painful life experiences into the song’s musical atmosphere and profound lyrics.

The music video for the song is a visual masterpiece, with a backdrop that feels almost similar to the portrayal of Asgard in the Marvel Thor movies. Futuristic color schemes, heavy dystopian themes combined through state of the art VFX only add to the creative ingenuity and vision of Bridges Ablaze. In my opinion it’s extremely rare for a band to take this much care and consideration into their art at such an early stage of their career. I believe this will only help cement the foundations of what is sure to be a long lasting run in the world of heavy metal. 

The bands last three singles have amassed an impressive 1 million views and streams across various social media platforms, and around the underground metal scene, have been hailed as one of the “ones to watch” in 2024. It’s not often that a band has the talent or the capacity to not only write beautiful and heavy songs but meticulously roll out their vision in the manner this band has. Without even having played a show yet, they already have 3 singles down and it’s starting to feel like the snowball rolling down the hill is turning into an avalanche. If you haven’t already make sure you check out all things Bridges Ablaze and stream “Forever Fallen” on your preferred music consumption platform. 

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