We’ve got our ‘Head in the Clouds’ thanks to CLoud9 Vibes

We’ve got our ‘Head in the Clouds’ thanks to CLoud9 Vibes

Reggae inspired, pop-rock band CLoud9 Vibes has put out its first full-length album after a string of great singles and an EP back in 2016, giving us a look into what they’ve been hard at work cooking up for our listening pleasure. Head in the Clouds is a 12-track “ode to toxic relationships”, suggested by the text in the lower right-hand corner of the vintage postcard-style album cover art.

The LP has plenty of palm trees and sunshine layered throughout a few motivational cloudy day anthems. Songs for love going right, and songs for love that’s inevitably nearing its end, with features from the likes of Victoria Leigh and Gary Dread, drummer from The Movement, even Greg Shields from Kash’d Out can be heard gracing a couple cuts on the last half of the album. 

Sometimes the glue that can hold a [toxic] relationship together is simply keeping your head in the clouds! The theme is definitely clear, and these guys do a great job of storytelling aboard this collection of tunes.

The opening track is packed with confidence. The entire song is completely summed up in the title, “Blue Skies Ahead (Let That Shit Go)”. A perceptible message that grudges and shitty memories never did any good for anyone. It’s set to a very islandy-vibe with punchy horns and a strong chorus, making sure you feel it all the way through. Go ahead and add it to the playlist, you won’t regret it.

Strolling a few songs ahead, “Smoke Rings” is a tale of catching a loved-one teetering on the line of dishonesty. Nobody wants to get caught in a lie, but when it happens, hopefully you can turn it into timeless music like these boys did. The bouncy, reggae driven keys keep everything in rhythm from beginning-to-end, with a soulful, bluesy guitar breakdown at the finish line.

My top pick from Head in the Clouds  has to be the last song, “Rearview” featuring Kash’d Out. Synthy opening tones that convert to a rock-guitar red carpet leads you right into the high-energy lyrics that aim your vision forward, forcing you to leave the past behind. If this one doesn’t make you feel a fire building inside, start it over! 

I can’t get enough of the positive nature and overall message conveyed by these guys. They’re very active in the live music scene all over Florida and up the east coast, participating in great events such as the Florida Groves Festival and Reggae Rise Up Florida. Be sure to catch them and others at the 4th annual CannaFeast with Kash’d Out on Saturday, November 18th this year in Port Charlotte, FL! 

In the meantime, give Head in the Clouds a stream today and check out what Florida’s groovin’ music scene has to offer!

Artist Links: Website | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

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11 months ago

I’ve had this album on repeat since it came out! My favorite song is definitely “Love and Kerosene” 🤩