deadmau5 merges into the hip hop scene with new single “Antisec” featuring YTCracker

GRAMMY nominated artist, deadmau5 is one of the world’s most heavily revered, progressive electronic music producers of the modern-day music world. Of course, he would merge into the hip hop genre with YTCracker.

This profound compilation and merger of music superpowers will keep you on the edge of your seat.

deadmau5 New Single “Antisec (feat. YTCracker)” out today, January 3 and mau5trap’s and label compilation We Are Friends Vol. 11 out this Friday (January 6). Anyone that has not listened to deadmau5, Its time you listened to this.

The man behind the music, is Canadian native Joel Zimmerman. Zimmerman has made his mark on a global level with his wild antics and shocking music for over ten years to millions of fans. His creation deadmau5’s innovative and intuitive approach to music and blasting live performances is beyond anything you will ever experience. Its honestly spellbinding, the live show casts you into the world of the unknown. The music is fused with heavy bass drops and the signature deadmau5 imaginative energy that cannot be duplicated.  

deadmau5 delivers nonstop platinum international success and once again bringing one the most palpable beats with “Antisec”.

The music is genius and the two merging is beautifully bizarre.

That heavy rap sound YTCracker brings to this masterpiece is only right. Hacker gone global rapper blasts the track and references 2011’s operation Anti-Security also known as Operation Antisec “a series of cyber-attacks orchestrated by various members of the hacking group LulzSec, and Anonymous”.

“Since 2012, the We Are Friends (WAF) music compilation series has emitted the clear idea of giving airtime to fresh, newly discovered talent from deadmau5’ mau5trap label. Beyond deadmau5’ “XYZ” and “Antisec,” WAF features tracks from the current mau5trap stable including Lamorn, EDDIE, Speaker Honey and LUPA, plus future notables Ghost Dance, ASHE Plastic, STAR SEED and Psycho Boys Club just to name a few”.

Full track list for WAF Vol. 11:

  • 1. deadmau5 Antisec (ft. YTCracker)
  • 2. deadmau5 XYZ
  • 3. Kasablanca Transitory
  • 4. Lamorn Another Day
  • 5. Morgin Madison All I Need (ft. Vania)
  • 6. Dustycloud Buried
  • 7. Bensley Never Enough
  • 8. LUPA Feel You (Beside Me)
  • 9. DJ DEE You’re My Ecstasy
  • 10. Psycho Boys Club Hold Your Attention
  • 11. Mari Ferrari Tempted
  • 12. deadmau5 XYZ (NERO REMIX)
  • 13. Pedestrian Tactics I Like Math
  • 14. Raito Mike & Nina
  • 15. EDDIE Klubslaya
  • 16. Speaker Honey SOUL
  • 17. Ghost Dance Become the Machine
  • 18. Maison Ware Zone 62
  • 19. ASHE Plastic Snow
  • 20. STAR SEED 11:11
  • 21. Wintersix Rain (ft. Alisky)
  • 22. Who’s John Burning Inside
  • 23. SVNF8 Show Me
  • 24. Sysdemes Shattered Pieces (ft. Sarah Yong)
  • 25. Shadow Star Ephemera
  • 26. Astrobear So Says The Sea

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