The Resinators drop new single, ‘Cut Slack Girl’

San Diego’s favorite trio, The Resinators is dropping a new single tomorrow! And in typical Resi fashion, “Cut Slack Girl” blends a multitude of music genres while painting a lyrically relatable picture. 

Frontman, Kyle Cameron uses a catchy guitar riff to pull the listener in while Broc Sanders (drums) supports him with quick yet steady hi-hat tapping, and then BAM! Cameron’s brother, Kevin, drops an insane bassline– all of this occurring within the first ten seconds of the song! Once you find yourself nodding along with a slight headbang, Kyle then introduces us to a girl we know all too well. 

“She walks into the bar with the purpose to please looking for the lucky man just to buy her next drink”

The reggae-rock-ska sound of each verse paired with Kyle’s authentic vocal sound is reminiscent of Bradley Nowell and his days with Sublime. The chorus, on the other hand, brings about a harder punk rock sound. Without a doubt, fans will be chanting “cut her some slack” in unison with Kevin and Broc every time the boys bust out this hit on stage. The musical genius spanning across well-known genres is enough to seal the deal on the impending success of the single. However, the storytelling will have people blasting it on repeat.

“Cut Slack Girl” simplifies the dichotomy between a girl who uses her beauty and charm to her benefit and the “sad souls” mesmerized by her. 

“She left her money at home but she’s wasted still, spent their cash on her charm that they saved for the bills (ohhhh) but why? Because she’s the cut slack girl (Cut her some slack! Cut her some slack!)”

The Resinators have truly done it again! Show them some love by pre-saving “Cut Slack Girl” now and find it on your favorite music streaming platform tomorrow (January 13th). 

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1 year ago

Love you guys! 🙏🏼 Thanks for the killer write up