Demi Lovato drops chilling track for ‘Scream VI’

Demi Lovato drops chilling track for ‘Scream VI’

Scream fans unite! Demi Lovato has dropped a song for the Scream VI soundtrack entitled “Still Alive”. Not only does it resemble music from her Holy Fvck album, but it fits perfectly with the theme of the movie.

This song has a VIBE.

It will pump fans up. You may find it even more enjoyable if you are a fan of this particular movie franchise like me! I was not expecting this song to sound so amazing and have such a ‘rock sound’; it almost has a metal like vibe with its guitar scales. I don’t want to spoil any of the lyrics for you, so I’ll spare you a lyrical rundown although I will say “Still Alive” is for anyone that’s a fan of Ice Nine Kills or Linkin Park. In fact, there are a few treasures in the music video for prog rock/metalheads, the first being Ice Nine Kills frontman Spencer Charnas in the video looking dapper; the second, Linkin Park’s very own founding member Mike Shinoda standing in a corner… also looking good.

But this is Demi Lovato’s song and she absolutely kills it. I actually felt scared for her while watching the video narrative — like, are you kidding me? She knows how to sing and act? I actually feel more hyped now than ever to see Scream VI in theaters after hearing this song. And, for those who haven’t been to the movies yet, Ghostface is waiting for you to come see his latest killing spree!

As for this song, even if you aren’t a fan of Demi Lovato’s work, her versatility will chill and thrill.

So, now that you’re involved in the horror story, let’s talk about the rules on how to survive:

  1. You can never have sex
  2. You can not drink or do drugs
  3. Don’t say ‘I’ll be right back’… cause you won’t be back

Follow these rules and you are guaranteed to see the light of day… or who knows? Scream VI might’ve thrown those old rules out the window altogether?? My excitement for this film is incalculable, especially as this latest franchise entity promises more blood, more chaos, and more fun. True to tradition, there’s always a sequel… and the body count is always bigger in a sequel.

This song is a perfect 10/10 and I can’t wait to hear more like it! Demi Lovato’s single, as well as Scream VI, is out now!!

Demi Lovato – “Still Alive”

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