MNERVA drops latest single, ‘Invincible’

MNERVA drops latest single, ‘Invincible’

Nashville-based rock artist MNERVA has just released his latest single, “Invincible,” which is also the title track of his sophomore EP. MNERVA draws inspiration from Twenty One Pilots and Linkin Park, and this single showcases his unique blend of rock and pop music. 

According to MNERVA, “Invincible” is his motivational stadium anthem and the focus track of his current era of artist branding. The lyrics, “there’s a fire in my soul,” are the basis for all of his visuals, and the song is one of the few positive ones he’s ever written as MNERVA.

The verses were written after he started therapy for the first time and realized that he was always getting in his own way. Once he started changing his toxic behaviors and shifting his mindset, he felt like he could do anything, and he wanted to capture that feeling of being unstoppable in a song. Thus “Invincible” was born and I can attest to the fact that this song is always a highlight of his live shows and is one of the most important songs in his catalog. 

The song itself is a high-energy, upbeat rock anthem that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head after just one listen. MNERVA’s vocals are strong and emotive, and the catchy chorus will have you singing along in no time. The lyrics are empowering and uplifting, encouraging listeners to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Overall, “Invincible” is an excellent addition to MNERVA’s already stellar catalog, and it’s clear that the song holds a special place in his heart. With its infectious melody and positive message, it’s sure to become a fan favorite and a staple of his live shows. Be sure to check out the single but more importantly give his entire EP a listen! You will not be disappointed. 

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