J.Lately’s new single has us craving “Beans and Rice”

J.Lately’s new single has us craving “Beans and Rice”

J.Lately is known for his years of grinding in this brutal music industry. He brings a soulful, laidback style to his flow. As both an emcee and performer, Lately brings a true to bone poetic vivacity to his music, resulting in true artistry. His latest single, “Beans and Rice” featuring AprilFoolChild dropped this Friday, March 17th.

“Beans and Rice” is a smooth hip hop, rap with a rhythm for music lovers that need a warm song for those summer time vibes. Lyrically, the song expresses a simple stroll through life, keeping it real, simple yet nice at the same time, just like beans and rice. With this track, J.Lately does what he does best; bringing relatable perspectives to fans in which Lately simultaneously has listeners contemplating life and vibing out. A rare yet unique feat for any artist to find the perfect balance between the conscious and the stoner but with “Beans and Rice”, Lately with AprilFoolChild does this flawlessly.

These two artists go together like beans and rice; simple yet delicious.

“Love don’t cost that much “, J.Lately sings this beautifully. He reminds lovers that love should freely and naturally. With all the hype and what not in this crazy world , finding that person that doesn’t drain your literal and figurative bank account is what its all about. The beats to this song showcase a pure melody and such a fantastic combo with both J.Lately and AprilFoolChild creating an ambiance of joy and simplicity. The little things are what is important.

“Beans and Rice” is definitely a song you want to replay over and over. Take in the lyrics, the message, the beat and just get into it. Roll out on your bike, the wind in your hair, with the tunes in your ears and wait for that smile to come across your face. J.Lately knew what he was creating with “Beans and Rice”. This song is upbeat, positive, and appreciable to human nature. With this song, the duo works to bring out the best in all of us.

“Bean and Rice” is the fourth stand alone single released by J.Lately this year, following his 2022 album Breakfast, which included features from Cam Meekins, Mark Battles, Locksmith, Blimes, and more. Let us know what you think!

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