Hozier continues to blend music genres in new track, “Eat Your Young”

Hozier continues to blend music genres in new track, “Eat Your Young”

The Eat Your Young EP features tracks “Eat Your Young”, “All Things End” and “Through Me.” The one that stands out is “Eat Your Young,” which is an exciting and thought-provoking composition that demonstrates Hozier’s unique ability to merge indie pop, rock and alternative genres perfectly.

“Eat Your Young” immediately hooks the listener with vocals, synth and a heavy drum kick. The song’s production is excellent, with the instrumentation and vocals harmonizing flawlessly to deliver a vibrantly unified sound; totally has a “Tame Impala” and “Beach House” influence. Hozier takes the music to a whole new level with his distinctive use of harmonies and his mastery at layering various sounds and moods. Great song for a road trip. 

The lyrics that stand out the most are

“Come and get some/Skinnin’ the children for a war drum/Puttin’ food on the table sellin’ bombs and guns/It’s quicker and easier to eat your young.”

The ending of this song is very unique. There is a beautiful 45-second instrumental segment with a piano at the end of the song. Listeners can envision a snake eating its tail, as the song restarts in an endless loop. This will be repeated on your music devices, trust me!

Hozier’s Unreal Unearth album is expected to be released on March 24. About the album, he stated, “The album is quite eclectic and there’s something of a retrospective in what the sounds lean into. There’s some moments that are a bit more old school and stuff that’s Nineties grunge sounding too. For other moments we were leaning into playing with a lot of synthesisers. But we’ve arranged the album into circles and the EP just represents two of those – those soul moments within it.”

Hozier also just announced his Unreal Unearth North American tour. Tickets will be available starting March 24 on Ticketmaster.

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