There’s a sneaking suspicion you’ll love The Aquadolls single, “Sneaky”

There’s a sneaking suspicion you’ll love The Aquadolls single, “Sneaky”

Female fronted powerhouse The Aquadolls are gearing up to drop their debut album Charmed this summer. The album consists of sexy and mysterious tracks reflecting the band’s intentions to create an album unlike any others. The music collective of this powerhouse band derives from its alternative rock vibes fused with grungy guitar riffs reminiscent of the 80’s Seattle grunge scene.

The band released a hot track and video for “Sneaky,” the freshest cut off their upcoming record, Charmed. Produced by Chris Szczech (Goo Goo Dolls) in Los Angeles, the new song puts the angst surrounding the uncertainty of a relationship directly under a microscope; this close study fueled by a gritty sound that juxtaposes the heaviness of bands like The Breeders and Veruca Salt, and the hopeful dreaminess of shoegaze bands like Cocteau Twins and The Jesus and Mary Chain and Book of Love.

It’s about time we had some females bringing in the alternative sound of the grunge-punk-rock elements that are timeless vibes, unique and bold music of our generation. The track “Sneaky” is smooth but has deep guitar riffs and grunge buzz much like Courtney Love’s band, Hole, making this irresistibly sensational.

Lead front-woman and vocalist Melissa Brooks further expands on this, “Sneaky tells the story of uncertainties of what could come in a late-night hookup. Unsure if the other person is growing feelings or only physical attraction this song shows the struggle of being someone’s dirty secret”.

Bassist Keilah Nina elaborates on the track “Sneaky”,  “A nostalgic tune about that sickly, sweet feeling you get in your gut when you start feeling a little more than lust for that late night hookup. For when you’re stuck in a state of wondering if they feel the same way, or if you’re just wasting time fantasizing about what could be.”

“Also, it gives Hole vibes a little bit and we love Hole,” says the drummer, Jacqueline Proctor. “That’s a huge inspiration for us, throughout this album. That song in particular, I can just remember when we’ve been driving in the car together and we’re so burned out from everything, and then we’re screaming Hole songs. For me, when we play that, it’s like empowering for us in a way. Even though it’s about a sneaky little wink. We’re here and we’ve arrived.”

This trio has played alongside the heavy hitters in the industry; Pennywise, Jimmy Eat World, Incubus, Sublime with Rome, Lollapalooza, Eddie Vedder’s Ohana Festival, and the list goes on for the band’s music resume. The upcoming album Charmed to be released in May this year consists of music that you can rock out to, and chill simultaneously. Her album flows with real life experiences of heart break, love and relationships. But don’t be fooled, this powerhouse do not tread lightly next to the male dominated music industry, they most definitely hold their own in the frontlines. 

The Aquadolls are making serious moves in the music industry armed with self-evolving ideologies of self-love, and positive energy the trio will charm you through their message and sound. Go check them out!

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