Layne Tadesse ‘For The Love’ review

Layne Tadesse, who is based out of Southern California, has come out with a solo EP called For The Love. If one thinks of Tadesse’s high energy, then he or she will surely find the same energy on his new solo album.

The album continues with more packed energy and awareness to keep striving

The EP starts with the song, “Ghetto Corner,” which brings awareness to “the struggle,” and also the strive to better one’s living conditions. The instrumentals appear to be electronica per the remix with obvious hip-hop influence. The album continues with more packed energy and awareness to keep striving, even with the use of acoustic guitar playing. The song, “Rain” is refreshing, literally; yet, the album keeps on with such enthusiasm. Did we hear at Top Shelf Reggae mention the high-energy influence of the artist?

Indeed, this album meets the modern needs of most reggae fans; yet, it keeps the tradition of bringing awareness to “the struggle.” Not only has reggae (and hip-hop) been able to portray various struggles of those living in poverty, but the genre has become such a global icon of spreading positive messages and enthusiasm while facing such struggle.

For more information, check out Layne Tadesse’s website.

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Track listing

  1. Ghetto Corner (Remix)
  2. Let It Burn
  3. Rain
  4. For the Love (feat. Keznamdi)
  5. Take a Ride (feat. Jon Doe & Kia Lovejoy)

Ghetto Corner ( Layne & 7 Seal Dub Live in Rosaritos 2015)

Released May 2015 • Big Shot Music Group

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