Let The Expendables take you to your ‘Pleasure Point’

Let The Expendables take you to your ‘Pleasure Point’

“Reggae has sex with metal, punk got in the mix, and ska videotaped it all.” Creatively and appropriately descriptive, The Expendables have stayed true to this self-attributed description over their 25+ year music careers. While their array of musical styles and influences are expressed in varying formulations, their identifiably unique sound rings true throughout their expansive discography.

Currently releasing new music with a couple singles and a new album around the corner, The Expendables are already making a splash on the reggae rock scene heading into the summer. Pleasure Point is set to for release this week via Ineffable Records on June 23rd, 2023. While they have released projects, such as an acoustic album and a cross-over project with longtime friends and tourmates Ballyhoo!, this is the first full-length album of new, original music coming from The Expendables since Sand in the Sky in 2015.

And, judging from the first few singles, this album is going to be a staple in reggae fans’ rotations for a long time to come.

Familiar yet fresh, The Expendables’ Pleasure Point leans more towards the easy-listening popular in the US reggae rock scene, versus some of the crunchy rock-forward vibes found in some of their earlier hits. The eclectic vibes and meld of influences are still alive and well, however. “We never have an exact direction when we write songs,” shares drummer and vocalist Adam Patterson. “But, I feel like this album has some really old Expendable-style songs: some new style and a little bit of ‘the weird’, which is pretty much what we do.”

Pleasure Point is self-produced, with the band recording in their home studios. The band has the highest praises for Cameron Webb, who mixed this album and really brought these 12 tracks to the next level. Cameron has also worked with other notable acts such as Motorhead, Sum-41, and Kelly Clarkson. Aligning with the homegrown roots that The Expendables maintains, the album name of Pleasure Point is also the name of an area of their hometown of Santa Cruz in which they all grew up. Being where they used to practice, hang out, and live, the name just made sense of the new album.

Also, whether it is intentional or not, who doesn’t love a good double entendre?

To further complement the evolution of The Expendables that is experienced through Pleasure Point, they also brought some friends along for the ride. There are some with notable features on the first singles already released from this record. The first to drop, “Original One of a Kind”, features Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo!. Transitioning from laidback island vibes of its first verse, the track quickly turns into an undeniably punk rock tune, before reeling it back to baseline for a second version. The intelligently dynamic construction of the tune with a catchy melody, smooth vocals, and distinctive guitar riffs grabs attention from beginning to end.

The second single, “Do Me,” features Bret Bollinger of Pepper, another band that has been touring the reggae rock circuit alongside The Expendables for many years. Bret’s style provides a nice juxtaposition to the smoothness of Adam Patterson’s smooth vocals, creating a dynamic build towards the end of the track.

The last single to drop was on Friday, June 9th titled “Homewrecker” and this may be the biggest evolution from past releases for The Expendables. This tune has it all: a fun beat, coupled with a catchy melody, great storytelling, perfectly complementary horns, and a hard-hitting verse featuring John Shields of Little Stranger. These releases are just a sampling of the “Expendable-style, new style and little bit of ‘weird’” that Adam mentioned, so keep an eye out and ear open for what’s to come from Pleasure Point. To quote one of the upcoming track’s titles — “The Best is Yet To Come” from The Expendables.

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Track list:

  1. Do Me, feat. Bret Bollinger
  2. Original One of a Kind, feat. Ballyhoo!
  3. Pass The Joint
  4. Wicked Game
  5. Lives And Loves, feat. Amplified
  6. Homewrecker, feat. Little Stranger
  7. Surfman Cometh
  8. Sippin On Something
  9. Pillars
  10. Best Has Yet To Come
  11. Silence Over Sound
  12. You’re Right Here

The Expendables – “Homewrecker” ft. Little Stranger

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