WORLD SINGLE PREMIERE: DMac Burns ft. Sewell “Night”

WORLD SINGLE PREMIERE: DMac Burns ft. Sewell “Night”

Rooted in the Bronx, NY but thriving in West Cork, Ireland – talented singer-songwriter DMac Burns weaves R&B and indie rock elements with hints of modern day reggae to create emotionally-charged and lyrically profound music. His latest single, “Night” featuring Sewell – off his EP, The Longest Night, dropping on June 21st – is no different. 

Lyrically, “Night” present a captivating and introspective outlook on life and a variety of themes that encompass it. Burns skillfully combines vivid imagery with thought-provoking wordplay, creating a rich tapestry of emotions and ideas.

The opening lines introduce a sense of danger and risk, with DMac admitting that he is “gangsta-rich drama” but that he sees within himself the potential for his troublemaking ways to turn into a creative and driven music lover. This sets a tone of anticipation and excitement, supported by the references to dancehall and the energetic atmosphere of a club or party. Although, the lyrics reflect the imagery of New York City’s sleepless nightlife, the musical tone of the song gives off a feeling of contemplation, reflection, introspection and a sense of moving forward with your life. 

As verse one ends, we jump into a chorus full of soul-searching, questioning the power of perception and the limitations of the mind. DMac with support from Sewell, work through the possibility of expressing everything that their sight perceives and whether or not it would lead to new knowledge.

The struggle between the mind’s logical tendencies and the search for truth adds depth and texture to the lyrics and music.

This chorus is repeated between every verse, giving the listener a chance to pause and reflect on the varying themes of life. Each verse covers a different theme and story from the artist life; a unique and pensive approach to song writing.

The following verse features the echoing of words sung, creating harmonies that add layers and dimension to the single. The resonating harmonies give a haunting feeling to Sewell’s lyrics, which, ironically, introduce a more romantic element, expressing a strong connection paired with the desire to embark on a journey together. This injects a sense of intimacy and personal connection into the song which mirrors the music more directly than we felt in the first verse.

The final verse explores themes of exhaustion, the pressures of a demanding lifestyle, and the challenges of maintaining a steady flow of income. The artist reflects on the struggles of staying afloat and the constant ticking of time, highlighting the importance of perseverance and adaptability in ones life. 

Overall, “Night” provide a multi-layered experience, blending personal reflections with vivid descriptions and moments of vulnerability reflected within each note and strengthen alongside the steady beat. The combination of wordplay, wonderful imagery, and introspective themes make these lyrics compelling, thought-provoking and a gift to listen to. 

DMac Burns’ “Night” featuring Sewell is out today as a Top Shelf Music exclusive. Those of you yearning for more will be happy to learn that the EP, The Longest Night, will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow June 21st, 2023.

The Longest Night draws inspiration from the concept of the dark night of the soul, shedding light on our collective shadow side. With this collection of songs, DMac dives into his reflections on the post-pandemic realization that our current way of existence is reaching a breaking point. Having traversed the United States, working in music, entertainment, and film, DMac had a profound and painful awakening to the hollowness and greed that permeates our society. The EP serves as his outlet to process these realizations.

Through poignant songwriting and introspective themes, DMac invites listeners to confront the darkness within themselves and the world around them.

He musically encourages listeners to delve into the challenges and struggles of our modern existence, aiming to provoke thought and discussion about the direction of our collective journey.

Serving as a musical embodiment of DMac’s quest for a deeper understanding of our societal flaws and his plea for change, DMac confronts the shadows head-on; inspiring listeners to question the current state of affairs and pave the way for a more enlightened and compassionate future.

The Longest Night serves as a powerful artistic statement with DMac urging us all to reflect, reassess and take action to shape a brighter tomorrow.

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