Mike Love’s ‘Love Will Find A Way’ album review

Right from the beginning, Mike Love’s music draws his listeners in with his unique style and lyrical journey. Ranging from rocksteady influence to ska to a 1970s motown sound, almost to even folk and classical, Mike Love has managed to create a unique version of conscious music.

Mike Love has managed to create a unique version of conscious music

The most noticeable aspect in his latest album, Love Will Find A Way are those undeniable lyrics expressed through an amazing artistic vocal style. Not only does Mike Love take his listeners on a journey similar to walking through a rainforest with a shaman, but the mix of instruments, which range from horns to keys to guitar to percussion are pure magic.

Perhaps we here at Top Shelf Reggae are laying the power of Mike Love’s music too heavily. Well, if one pops this new album in with the intent of listening to it from beginning to its very end, one will seemingly take an entire journey around the world, it seems. His music could very well be considered world music; although, we love that the majority of his sound appears to be influenced by reggae music. His music definitely brings positive vibes and conscientious thought.

Although we could dissect each song, there really is no reason to do so. In fact, every song is unique in its own way, but ones which caught this listener’s ear include, “I Love, You,” “Gonna Make It,” “Roll, River, Roll,” reminiscent of a folk song telling a tale with a moral to the story (and including mesmerizing violin,) as well as “Can’t Take It With You When You Go,” which features fine piano and great horns.

Mike Love is currently on tour, which started in his home of the Hawai’ian Islands and then heads over to Texas and parts of the Midwest before making its way to the Pacific Northwest and various parts of California and Nevada.

For more information, check out Mike Love’s website.

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Love Will Find A Way track listing

  1. Time to Wake Up
  2. Good News
  3. Can’t Take It With You When You Go
  4. Let It Rain
  5. I Love You
  6. Gonna Make It
  7. No Regrets
  8. Step Lightly
  9. Roll River Roll
  10. Advaya’s Song
  11. Love Will Find a Way (feat. Paula Fuga, Trevor Hall & Nahko)

Mike Love “I Love You” live from California Roots 2015 Jam in the Van session

Released September 1, 2015 • 2015 Love Will Find a Way

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