Rauw Alejandro and Chris Wandell recently collaborate on new single, “Como Amigos”

Rauw Alejandro and Chris Wandell recently collaborate on new single, “Como Amigos”

The two talented artists team up for an explosive R&B and Latin trap collaboration on their new song “Como Amigos” which tells the story of two friends who emotionally cross the line.

The song begins with a smooth sound with a catchy bass, followed by the vocals. The beat drops at 34 seconds with the kick, snare, and clap. It is a great mix of R&B and hip hop. 

The poetic lyricism stands out with vulnerable verses such as, “Si tú quieres quedamos como amigos / Pero no me pidas que yo deje de chingar contigo / Contigo yo subo al cielo bebé.” Which translate to “If you want we stay as friends / But don’t ask me to stop messing with you / With you I go up to heaven baby.”

This song, which uses a variety of seductive and love making sounds, examines the feelings of two people who formerly had a complicated friendship but are now solely interested in maintaining it. It is a perfect blend of Chris Wandell and Rauw Alejandro‘s vocals with the blending of their respective rhythms results in a singular and amazing listening experience.

This latest partnership is a component of Chris Wandell’s newest album, “Mi Monopolio,” a 12-song musical journey that demonstrates Wandell’s flexibility through collaborations with key figures in Latin urban music like Jowell, De La Ghetto, Almighty, Rafa Pabon, Lyanno, and now Rauw Alejandro. 

Official audio for “Como Amigos” can be found here.

Rauw Alejandro is currently on a world tour, stopping by North America, Mexico, and Europe. Use the artist links below for tickets and additional information.

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