Bridges Ablaze is ‘Hellbent’ on bringing you new music

Bridges Ablaze is ‘Hellbent’ on bringing you new music

Austin, Texas is arguably one of the greatest cities in America. Known as the live music capital of the world, it’s home to some of the best venues, coolest music festivals and hottest new bands around. The latest and greatest new band to emerge from this diverse and eclectic scene is Bridges Ablaze. The band began in the minds of Brien Allen and Ruben Zamora, two virtuoso guitarists who don’t bend their identity to any one idea. While clearly soaked in heavy metal, this band actively displays their influences ranging from jazz, death metal and beyond.

Today, Friday the 13th, Bridges Ablaze proudly debut their first single and music video for “Hellbent”. The song is one of the most beautiful and heavy songs I have heard in a long while.

Elements of metalcore give this song its foundation but the band tosses in rap and a powerful chorus that make this an earworm worth repeated listens.

Not to mention the neck snapping breakdown around the 2:44 mark and the guitar solo that adds the “cherry on top” of this unbelievably epic song. When asked about “Hellbent” the band had this to say:

Hellbent is a song about overcoming adversity. This song reflects the struggles we’ve had to overcome while in pursuit of this lifelong dream. Specifically, this song reflects on the people that have used, misled, and betrayed us. The lyrics reflect on the grit required to continue forward in the wake of such painful experiences. Struggle is going to strike harder than anything else in life, especially when you are pursuing your life’s purpose. People will mistreat you left and right, and you will bear scars for staying true to your mission. But the greatest stories are written when those who are knocked down get back up, and carry on despite wanting to give up more than anything. Dreams are made into realities when those who dare to dream don’t let anything stop them. Hellbent is a manifesto that contains this wild and determined energy.

The song is now available on all streaming platforms! Also be sure to like and subscribe to everything Bridges Ablaze, this is a band that will no doubt be making massive waves in the world of metal for years to come! 

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They’re okay if you like whining emo.