WORLD EP PREMIERE: Soulfiya ‘Offering’

WORLD EP PREMIERE: Soulfiya ‘Offering’

Caribbean reggae star Soulfiya returns with a fiery new EP just in time for 420! Premiering exclusively here on Top Shelf Music, enjoy Soulfiya’s new Offering in its totality an entire day before the EP hits digital outlets tomorrow! Offering is the second cumbia-meets-hip hop collaboration between the reggae veteran and GRAMMY-nominated producers El Dusty and Mariano Herrara, with the first being Soulfiya’s smash hit Bushdoctor EP of 2019. “This time, I was much more comfortable and was able to impart more of my style into the project,” Soulfiya comments.

Considering Soulfiya’s first El Dusty collab peaked at #3 on the iTunes Reggae Charts, we have a feeling we have another hit on our hands.

A dark and curious title track leads the listener into the new Offering, complete with sitar strumming and pan flute. You just can’t get more mysterious than pan flutes. Fiya comments, “The song is about the synchronicity of many of the world’s faiths and the necessity of unity and discourse.” The tempo then increases for “2 Bad Brown DJs”, a fun hip hop-infused track featuring Apache Indian. Other guests on the EP include Joel Castillo (of 77 Jefferson) and Tijuana’s La Diabla, adding some extreme Latin heat! From the dubby, raggamuffin flow of of “Nah Inna It” to the electric club style of “Cumbia Life”, this sensational EP will have you moving on your feet.

Soulfiya plans on pushing Offering live to the public tomorrow, on the holiday of all reggae holidays, 4/20 and you can celebrate its arrival on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook! Join Soulfiya digitally at 9pm CST for a big livestream event. For more information to tune in, visit the links below. Don’t forget to press play on the exclusive world premiere of Offering!

Exclusive world premiere of Soulfiya’s ‘Offering’ EP:

Track listing:

  1. Offering
  2. 2 Bad Brown DJs, feat. Apache Indian
  4. Nah Inna It
  5. Cumbia Life
  6. No Surrender

Cover photo by Neil Schloner, A440 Studios

Links: Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

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