MAK combines dance & darkness with “Inside My Head” single

MAK combines dance  & darkness with “Inside My Head” single

Coming to your ears straight from Brooklyn, New York is some of the smoothest pop you’ll ever want to jive to: MAK is here and he’s ready to slay the scene with his most recent single “Inside My Head” from his second upcoming EP, Lucid Dream. An appropriate title indeed for a synth-full, joyous melody, perfectly combined with dreary lyrics of punishment and catastrophes. 

One can only describe the song as a wild trip, with pop and electronic routes that almost sounds like an 80’s synth wave wonderland. 

You’d never guess MAK’s first career was football… and amongst his entrepreneurial experience during this time, he found himself wanting out of the sports game to ultimately confront his background head on. Using the power of escapism, MAK writes lyrics straight from his difficult reality. BOOM! What comes next is the good stuff. 

What will be known as the next big thing, the genre of retro-synth pop has slowly started to infiltrate teenagers and, folks, we all know that’s where it begins! MAK has led the way starting back in April 2020 with his debut EP, Gravity, where he and producer Yonatan Watts perfected a blend of electronic, R&B, pop and synth wave over a year’s time in recording studios all over the world. Drawing inspiration from many different artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Timbaland and The Weeknd (not to mention the beautiful cities of New York, Los Angeles, London and Madrid), it was a recipe for success! The sound we received on Gravity was just unmatched, which is why a return of the dynamic studio duo is fantastic, to say the least! 

MAK’s story continued when he released “Inside My Head” — the first step in the follow-up EP, Lucid Dream. Producer Watts makes his jazzy way onto that track, while MAK sticks to his true raw self, drawing stories from personal experiences of the inevitable difficulties in adult life. MAK’s lyrics run deep and probably would sound more like poetic journal entries if there wasn’t a jam that I wanna move my shoulders to backing it. It’s completely fresh and new with a happy nostalgic sound… does that make sense? Don’t be the last person to hear MAK’s new music! His newest EP is slated to be released this spring.

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MAK – “Inside My Head”

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