Tunnel Vision “Holes In My Shoes” video

Reggae-rock band Tunnel Vision is showing off their surf, skate and ska side in their latest music video for “Holes In My Shoes”, a track featured on their full-length album Days Away that dropped on all digital outlets off LAW Records as of last month. These San Clemente boys are proud of where they came from and this video stands as a visual homage to their hometown, with shots of the water, the boardwalk and even blatent ‘San Clemente’ signage next to the railroad that cuts through town. Growing up in a southern Orange County surf town isn’t a bad way to live, even if that means sacrificing some shoes for the sake of roughing it along the way. You can’t skate in penny loafers, people! You also don’t want to skuff up your dress shoes in a skank pit, so ditch your dumb corporate agenda and get with the SoCal way of life that Tunnel Vision embodies so well.

These San Clemente boys are proud of where they came from…

Directed by Matt Farrington, “Holes In My Shoes” depicts a day in the life of a southern Californian teenager: travel via friend’s van to the boardwalk, catch the swell, bond over a bondfire at night while blowing stuff up, that is, if there’s no live show to mosh at. Welcome to California, where even if you have “some bills to pay”, there’s always a way to remain a child at heart.

The Tunnel Vision boys are currently in the midst of a massive national tour alongside LAW Records brethren Kash’d Out and Seranation, performing in the northwest stretch of that tour and concluding May 2nd with a one-off show at the High Dive in Gainesville, Florida. To catch the boys in action or for more information on everything Tunnel Vision, visit www.tunnelvisionsc.com.

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