WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Weege “She’s Trying”

Colorado reggae sensation Weege returns with a tribute to women in this world video premiere of “She’s Trying”! Available today on Top Shelf Music before the video hits his personal YouTube, Weege salutes the finer species, knowing that women have much more of an uphill battle in this life.

In a man’s world, all women can do is try our best.

There are many boss ladies out there and Weege knows it. Whether it’s wives and mothers or artists and CEOs, women subtly run this world way more than they let on. Artistically, Weege portrays women’s strength in black-and-white film, interjected with splashes of color; although disadvantaged, women rise up with poise, dignity and personality. Not only that, but Weege really drives this point home with the inclusion of his beautiful wife and daughters by his side, singing along to the uplifting lyrics of “She’s Trying”.

Be the first to watch the new video (filmed and edited by Weege, himself!!) above and make sure to subscribe to his social channels below for more.

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7 months ago

Wonderful Song!! Loving the vibe 🥰

Missy Casaretto
7 months ago

Brings a tear toy eye seeing all these amazing women!

Lola Quinn
7 months ago

What a beautiful and empowering song, and video to match! I am sharing it with all my sisters… for years to come ✌🏻

7 months ago

Love this!!

7 months ago

Divine feminine energy! 🥰

Meaghan Richardson
7 months ago

Amazing!!! Love this so much. Girl power!!

Mike Waid
7 months ago

Love your music. Listen to it often.