Ice Nine Kills censored for gratuitous violence in “Welcome to Horrorwood” video

Sit back for the sequel of your dreams! Ice Nine Kills has released the highly anticipated music video for “Welcome To Horrorwood” — a track off the album of the same name. This music video brings us more of The Sliver Scream 2 story: the case against Spencer Charnas continues.

Don’t worry, Spencer Charnas is not in any actual trouble.

This is one of the band’s best music videos released for the album thus far, showcasing a character known as ‘The Silence’ doing all the killing. But, who is ‘The Silence’? Who is behind the mask? And who framed Spencer? This video is Hollywood-quality stuff.

I was still shocked when I saw the video; my jaw hit the floor. Ice Nine Kills had to censor the video for YouTube… aww shucks, doesn’t that suck at all. BUT, you can view the video via the Dead Meat YouTube channel in full.

Dead Meat is ran by someone named James A Janisse and, on the channel, Janisse examines how many kills are in a horror movie (typically known as a “kill count”). He has been in every Ice Nine Kills music video as part of the Los Angeles police department. How cool!

I can’t wait to see what’s in the next chapter of this story!

INK delivers the goods with everything they release, so check out this video; if you like what you see, feel free to take a deep dive down the Dead Meat rabbit hole. There’s tons of interesting videos on the channel: you might just find a horror movie you want to watch or find one that you loved growing up that you want to watch again. Thank you to James for giving this band a continuous spotlight and getting the full version of this video on Youtube!

In summation, Spencer Charnas is truly a horror icon. I would love to see this band represented at Halloween Horror nights 2023 at Universal Studios Hollywood… or something along those lines! Who do I have to get in contact with to make this happen?! While I figure this out, do yourself a favor and watch the video above. It’s truly a masterpiece.

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