WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Callisto “Best Shot”

Move over Gen Z! This one isn’t for you.

Newly formed rock band, Callisto releases newest single, “Best Shot”, alongside a hilarious music video as an ode to the old school MTV dating shows we all use to race home from school to watch. Callisto started out as a “just for fun” side project for the band until the realization came that it needed to be shared. Comprised of James DiNanno, Howi Spangler (of Ballyhoo!), Brandon Hardesty (of Bumpin Uglies) and Rob DiNanno, the three vocalist band brings something familiar to fans of the Foo Fighters, Nirvana, and Blink-182, while bringing a modern edge that speaks to fans of Turnstile and Bring Me the Horizon.

Reminiscent of 1995 Windows PC, the video uses a simple green screen to super impose the “cool” backgrounds we would all set our family desktop computers to. We are then introduced to the “hunks” that are seeking love from a music television station.

Spanglemire Stevens (Howi Spangler) is a technical expert / window photographer who cannot stop discussing the love he has for his cats.

Gus Gusterson (James DiNanno), the town janitor, is introduced next as he flashes what can only be described as a “porn stache”.

A super mysterious “hunk” fills the screen next (Rob DiNanno) informing potential love interests that he “prefers to leave information undisclosed”.

Rick Steele (James DiNanno) a sleeveless shirt wearing motivational speaker shouts at you about how much he loves life right before we are introduced to the final “hunk” —

Brandon, also known as, B-Hard, is unemployed, from the streets and can’t get enough of Limp Bizkit.

This video will have you laughing so hard that you’ll forget to listen to the song. The nostalgia thrown at us in this video is enough to make every Millennial cringe while simultaneously letting out a “aww”. I hope these guys had as much fun making this video as we will have watching it.

“Best Shot” is available on all streaming platforms as of today and will be included on Callisto’s first album dropping April 21, 2023.

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