Machine Gun Kelly drops epic “emo girl” video with Willow

Emo lovers rejoice! Machine Gun Kelly has released the video for the latest single off of Mainstream Sellout, “emo girl”, featuring Willow Smith. This, of course, follows MGK’s decision to change the title of the album to Mainstream Sellout from its original name, Born With Horns, last month .

The song features Willow Smith — Will Smith’s daughter. Talent runs deep in this family and pairing with MGK was a perfect choice! The video for “emo girl” focuses in on kids on a field trip; I sure would love to go to a Machine Gun Kelly museum!

The song starts out with some of the best lyrics I think Machine Gun Kelly has ever written. “She’s got makeup by the mirror in her bed room // Thigh-high fishnets and some black boots”… This song instantly screams for a mid-2000s party!

I still think it’s funny how Machine Gun Kelly revealed the new album title to drummer Travis Barker.

In a video posted to Machine Gun Kelly’s Instagram last month, we see MGK and Barker sitting on the couch. “Hey, uhhh… Travis?” MGK asks Travis Barker. “Remember when we got the album name tattooed on our arms?” “Yeah,” replies Travis. MGK pauses slightly before stating, “I’m changing the album name. Shortly after, we see a cut to reveal the album’s new title, Mainstream Sellout. I gotta say, I liked the name Born With Horns a little better, which is great because Machine Gun Kelly isn’t letting the title go to waste. In a tweet posted to the official Machine Gun Kelly Twitter account, apparently “Born With Horns” is the title of the first song on the album.

And, I just can’t wait for this album to drop! Rumor is, we are getting two albums this year from Machine Gun Kelly, with the first being Kelly’s return to pop punk. What will the second one be? It’s just a guessing game for now, but I can say with great confidence that I am excited for this new era. I can barely contain my excitement, actually! Machine Gun Kelly, you are a man of many talents and I think I speak for all of us when I say thank you for being you.

The full album is slotted for release at 9pm PST on March 24th (so soon!!) and is available for pre-order now. In the meantime, go listen to the new song “emo girl” via the video above or on all digital platforms wherever you stream music.

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