WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Katchafire “Whaingaroa”

Island reggae heavyweights Katchafire returns with the world video premiere of their latest “Whaingaroa” — a dub-heavy ode to an old surf town. Ahhhh, New Zealand… how beautiful are thee! From the floral hills to the sandy beaches and that crystal blue water — the country truly is a marvel on earth!

Welcome to Whaingaroa, a lush and lavish paradise.

In the new video by Shae Sterling, Katchafire emphasizes Whaingaroa’s natural playground through the lens of the local. From reefs to butterflies in the trees, Whaingaroa is by far one of the best kept secrets of New Zealand. Time moves a little slower there, which the band alludes to in echoing layers of dub and delay, as well as through a grainy ‘old-camera’ filter throughout the video, like watching your parents’ old home movies from the 60s. Welcome to the time warp of untouched beauty and one of Katchafire’s favorite escapes!

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