Ryn Hills reveals “Peter Parker” video, feat. Roe Lindsay

NYC R&B artist Ryn Hills brings his humorous “Peter Parker” track to life in a brand new music video! The single, featuring the talents of Roe Lindsay, centers around a romantic affair gone astray: a woman who “got a man, but he just not enough” turns to Hills for sexual solace. Yet, a love triangle will always bend you out of shape in the end.

The video for “Peter Parker” shows Hills accompanying a beautiful woman, photographing her as she traverses her way through the city. When her significant other comes home, however, the tables turn quite quickly. Gearing up for the ultimate showdown against his opponent, Hills comically trains for the ‘Big Fight’, racing up stairs like Rocky Balboa and throwing practice punches with a spotter.

If only Hills knew the woman he is so apt to defend already has her eye on someone new.

Ryn Hills’ “Peter Parker” follows an equally stimulating video for “Escargot”, as both singles are currently out on all digital outlets to stream or purchase. For more information on the rising R&B star, follow the links below.

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