Premiere: Jah Sun “Running” music video

“Running,” the eleventh single from their fifth and latest album titled Between the Lines, is an enchanting cut from this Northern California native. Jah Sun’s charisma propel the track forward above a meticulous rhythm of guitars and chanting horns, while vivid keys help move the track forward. Jah Sun’s lyrics explore themes of escapism and what he calls “the yearning for something better.” The new visuals gives the track that real kind of mystical rootsy vibe that we can’t get enough of.

When describing the album, Jah Sun states, “This was different than my previous works, mostly because of the process, but also because I’ve never opened up like this before. This album is so honest, tells much of my stories, and highlights musicians who have influenced me in the past. Between the Lines will go in to my catalog as a defining moment, both musically and personally.”

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